Are you looking for the best air purifiers in India?

You have come to the right place. As we have reviewed and compiled a list of best air purifiers available in the Indian market.

We know well how the air quality is worsening by the day. Even when we are in our home we are breathing in contaminants.

One must have the best air purifier in India installed in their homes. This is to avoid inhaling the contaminants in the air. Many people in India suffer from allergies.

Contaminated air is hazardous for asthmatic patients. Therefore, your home must have the best air purifier.

Before you buy one, you need to know some important details about this product. So let’s get started.

best air purifiers in india

Best Air Purifiers in India 2022

1. TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier

TruSens Z 2000 Air Purifier

This purifier has remote SensorPod monitors which have the feature of smart sensing. These are placed in the room and they communicate with the purifier about the air quality. The air purifier will take action based on this input. Its 360-degree DuPont filtration has the capacity to filter and remove minute particles, VOC gases, allergens etc.

Its ultraviolet sterilisation will destroy the germs and the viruses that may have got built up on the filter. It has two separate airflow streams that cover the maximum area of the room. You get a 2-year local manufacture warranty in the case of this product.

2. Mi Air Purifier 2C with a True HEPA Filter

Mi Air Purifier 2C with a True HEPA Filter

If you are looking out for best air purifier in India under 10000 then you must consider this product. The filtration efficiency of the HEPA filter is 99.7% for the particulate matter which is up to 0.3 microns. It has CADR of 350 m3/h which is very good.

It covers an area of 452sq ft. This purifier has auto mode and it is very easy to operate this purifier. The filter change can be done by the consumer on his own with ease. It has an indicator which gives details about the air quality in real-time. There is a one-year warranty only on the device. The warranty does not include the filters.

3. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

This is surely thebest air purifier in India, and it has several useful advanced features. It has Vitashield Intelligent purification. It can remove 99.97% airborne pollutants. It has CADR of 270 m3/hour. This air purifier has the capacity to purify a standard room in just 12 minutes.

Philips AC1215 20 Air purifier

It has a 4-stage filtration process. The 4 filters that it has are pre-filter, activated carbon filter and double-layered H13 Grade True HEPA Filter. It has an indicator which gives details about the real-time air quality. It can remove 99.90% of bacteria and viruses. It has also been tested to remove airborne H1N1 virus. It is also known to remove 99.99% pollen and house dust mites. It is Ozone free natural filtration.

The company is giving 2 years warranty for the product. 3 years extended warranty can be obtained by paying Rs 3000/-

4. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer

Now here is the best air purifier in India under 10000 which comes with a large number of features. It has a very high efficiency. It will purify the air by removing dust, smoke, odours, PM2.5, benzene, smog and TVOC. This purifier produces 9 million negative ions/cm³ which is very good for your brain.

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer

It also helps you get rid of bacteria, germs and viruses. Overall, we can say this is one of the best options for those people who are suffering from allergies and asthma. This is a money-saving option as it does not have any filters. So, you do not have to spend money to replace the filters. Advanced technology is used in the case of this purifier. This technology is called electrostatic purification.

It has an internal fan for better purification. It has a compact size so you can easily keep it inside the car. This is an eco-friendly option. No toxic substances are emitted from this purifier. It is completely safe for babies. Other features include negligible noise, auto-start feature, dual-mode that is a high speed and low-speed mode. It is USB powered and dual USB port.

Remember that this is not just for your car. You can also use it in your bedroom as well as on your office desk.

5. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi-Enabled Air Purifier

This purifier easily removes pollutants that have a size as low as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns). It can remove dust, pollen, mould spores, bacteria, pet dander, VOCs, harmful gases/odours, allergens etc. It has the Air Multiplier technology and it makes use of the oscillation feature. This helps in circulating the purified air in the entire room.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi Fi Enabled Air Purifier

Features like lower face velocity and high-efficiency vacuum-sealed 360° Glass HEPA Filter makes sure that the pollutants are not released back into the room. This purifier has Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter. If you want to get real-time reports of the air quality and if you want to control the purifier using your mobile phone, then you must make use of the Dyson app. This air purifier has received certification from Asthma & Allergy Friendly by AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). It has many other features like auto mode, 10 air speed settings, sleep timer, night-time mode etc. The manufacturer warranty is only applicable to the products that have been sold by the seller Dyson India.

6. Philips AC2887/20 High-Efficiency Air purifier


Philips AC2887 20 High Efficiency Air purifier

The High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter helps in purifying the air in the room. The coverage area is 441 sq. ft. It has good clean air delivery rate (CADR). It makes use of the AeraSense Technology. This helps in real-time PM 2.5 measurement. The sound level of this purifier is 20.5-51 dB(A). It is ozone free purifier. It helps in easily removing different types of pollutants, allergens, viruses’ bacteria etc. You will get 2 years warranty on this Philips air purifier.

7. AGARO Pure-Wave 45W Air Purifier

AGARO Pure Wave 45W Air Purifier

If you are not very fussy about choosing only the best air purifier in India under 10000 but are willing to pay a little more then you must check this product. It can filter up to 99.95% particles that have a particle size of up to 0.3 microns. It has a highly efficient HEPA filter. This purifier covers an area of 645 sq.ft. It has a CADR of 260 m3/h. The indicators will give real-time air quality and temperature. It also has a child lock. It comes with 360 Degree Air intake with 7 Layer Filtration. It has 3-speed modes. There is a 1-year warranty only on the device. There is no warranty for the filters.

8. Samsung AX40K3020WU/NA 34-Watt Air Purifier

This purifier also has a very efficient HEPA filter. The coverage area of the purifier is 420 sq.ft. This air purifier has CADR of 325.7 m3/hr. It has a 3-step filtration system. It can easily capture 99.9% of the very fine particles that are present in the air. It has S Plasma Ionizer. This will help in removing the contaminants, bacteria, viruses etc.

Samsung AX40K3020WU NA 34 Watt Air Purifier

It is very easy to clean the pre-filter. The purifier will give you alters when it is time to replace the PM2.5 and Deodorizer filter. This purifier has the child lock feature. The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty on the product.

9. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

This purifier is made in Korea. This is not just the best air purifier in India but it one of the best air purifiers globally. It makes use of the Green Anti-flu True HEPA Technology to purify the air. Its coverage area is 355 sq.ft. Its CADR is 303 cubic m/hr.

The filtration process begins with the pre-filter. Next comes the Patented Urethane Carbon Filter which will remove the odours in the air. The Multi-Layered Anti-Flu Green True HEPA Filter will help in removing PM2.5 particles with ease. This slim air purifier has a very unique airflow path due to which there is efficient and maximum airflow.

Coway Sleek Pro AP 1009 Air Purifier

It has indicators that give real-time air quality. You will get the indication for Clean, Low Pollution, Medium Pollution, High Pollution. The life of the Green Anti-flu True HEPA Filter Life is 8500 hours which is really very long. The Patented Urethane Carbon Filter also has a life of 8500 hours. The pre-filter will last forever. The purifier will give you alters for filter replacements. You will get 5 years warranty on the motor of the air purifier. There is a 1-year warranty on the electrical parts.

10. Havells Freshia AP-40 80-Watt Air Purifier with Remote

This purifier makes use of True HEPA Technology for the purification of air. The motor of this purifier does not make much noise. The coverage area of this purifier is 755 sq.ft. The CADR is 350 m3/hr. It can filter particles that have a size as low as 0.03 microns. This purifier can easily remove 99.99% allergens.

Havells Freshia AP 40 80 Watt Air Purifier

It has AiroFresh Technology. In this, there are 5 stages of filtration. These are Pre-Filter, Cold-Catalyst, Activated Carbon, Antibacterial and HEPA. The PPM level is shown by the indicator. Greenlight means that the PPM level is between 1 to 50. The orange light means that the PPM level is between 51 to 150 and the red light indicates that the PPM level 151-500 and above. There is 2 years warranty on the product.

Best Air Purifiers in India – Buying Guide

Before selecting the best air purifier, I would love to suggest you to kindly read this amazing air purifier buying guide to get the thorough knowledge about the product technology and specification.

It is really going to help you a lot.

Commonly used terms in the case of air purifier in India

There are some commonly used terms when it comes to air purifiers. You need to be aware of these terms if you have plans to buy an air purifier. Once you know these terms it will become easier for you to understand the important features of different air purifiers.

  • PM2.5
    This is that particulate matter which has a size of fewer than 2.3 micrometres. Though these particles are not visible to the naked eye they can cause lots of harm to our lungs.

  • PM10
    This is the particulate matter that has a size of 10 micrometres or less than that. They are larger than PM2.5. They too are dangerous to our health.

  • CADR
    The full form of CADR is Clean Air Delivery Rate. It tells us how fast the air purifier works. The air purifier will have better performance if it has a higher CADR.

  • HEPA
    HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Adsorption. The air purifier will have the HEPA filter. This filter will capture the impurities in the air. The air purifiers performance depends on this filter.

  • Pre-Filters
    This is the first filter in the air purifier, and it will capture the larger particles of dust.

  • Activated carbon filters
    These filters will help in removing the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). It will also help in removing the bad odour.

  • Ion and Ozone Generators
    These will also help in purification of air. They will help in making the air fresh.

Best Air Purifiers in India – Points to Consider

There are some important points that you have to consider when you are buying an air purifier. These factors are as follows:

  • The coverage area of the air purifier should be ideally more than that of your room. If that is not possible then it must at least equal to the surface area of the room.
  • You must take into consideration the Air Change per Hour rating. This is also called as the ACH rating. It gives an idea about the frequency at which the air purifier will exchange the air in the room.
  • Energy efficiency and energy usage are important factors. The BEE star ratings have to be considered for this.
  • Consideration of CADR is also a very important aspect and you just cannot ignore the same.
  • The noise that air purifier makes also needs to be taken into account. Now, this noise is due to the fan of the purifier. Higher the speed of the fan of the air purifier more will be the noise of the air purifier.
  • While considering the price factor you have to also take into account the cost of replacing the filters.
  • Along with the budget always remember that this air purifier is going to purify the air that you breathe. So do not compromise on the product quality.


So, these are some of the best air purifiers in the country. If you are thinking of buying one then, first of all, you need to have clarity on certain aspects. The first thing will be your budget. If you have a budget less than Rs 10,000/- then do not worry. Because you can get the best air purifier in India under 10000.

If you are willing to spend more, in that case, there is a better choice. Once you are clear about the budget then next you have to check the specifications of the purifier. You need to check the filter quality, CADR etc. Besides these technical aspects, there is one very important thing that you just cannot miss. That is the coverage area. Choose an air purifier that will cover the maximum area of your room.

You also need to check the PM size that the air purifier can filter. Ideally, an air purifier with a lower PM size is always better. Choose an air purifier that will remove the different allergens, bacteria, viruses, odours and all such things that are known to pollute the air.

There are air purifiers that have other advanced features like auto mode, dual modes, alerts to change the filter, indicators that give real-time air quality etc. You will also come across purifiers that have a sleek design so that you can easily place them in your homes, office and even your cars.

Based on all these aspects you need to take the final call. But while choosing the air purifier keep one thing in mind. You are not buying this product for recreation but for your health. This air purifier is going to purify the air in your house or in your car. This is going to naturally be beneficial for the health of your family. So do not compromise on the quality of the air purifier. Even if it means spending a little more money only choose the best air purifier.

If you or members of your family are suffering from asthma, allergies etc then having this product is a must in your house. With the continuous deterioration of the air quality, in fact, every household in India must have this product.

You can easily purchase the best quality air purifier online. Some of the best air purifiers have manufacturer warranty on the device or the product. Some manufacturers will not give warranty on the filters.

So just check how much you can spend and then check the features of the purifiers that are as per your budget. Ideally, even if you have to spend a little extra choose a product that gives excellent air purification. Choose one that has the best filters and one that will help in banishing the pollutants with ease from your home.

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