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Best Boilers for Landlords Rental Houses

Winter is around the corner, and now things are going to get chilly. When it comes to preparing your property for winter, perhaps the most important step that you can take is to update the heating systems to ensure that your tenants are warm and comfortable.  If your boiler is over ten years old it’s probably time to replace it, but how do you decide the best option for you and your tenants?”.

The central heating industry is a complicated one. Whether you’re a new landlord or have been managing a portfolio for years, determining electric boilers vs gas boilers which boiler is best for each property can be difficult due to their detailed specifications and the conditions under which they work best can be difficult.

While the effectiveness and longevity of each appliance will always be determined by the property in “question” number of residents, water pressure and quality, and other factors all directly impact each product’s performance, some certain brands and models lead the pack.

Here’s a quick review of the best boiler brands in the market today 

  • Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch remains one of the most successful boiler brands in the world. This model is recommended for those who want to save money on their energy bill while also helping the environment. Worcester Bosch is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, long-lasting heating and hot water solutions for the home. Worcester, like all large boiler manufacturers, has an interesting company history. 

The Worcester Bosch Group, also known as Worcester or Worcester Bosch, was formed in 1992 following the successful merger of Worcester with one of the world’s leading names in high-end technology, Bosch. 

The name Bosch is synonymous with unrivaled quality and dependability. Bosch is a company that settles for nothing less than the highest possible standards, and this level of quality is applied to every subsidiary and regional company in the Bosch Group.

  • Ideal

Ideal Heating Boilers provide a comprehensive line of boilers. Whether you want the instant hot water of a combination boiler or the power of a system boiler for multiple bathrooms, Ideal has a solution.

Ideal Heating Boilers are one of the UK’s best-known manufacturers, with over 100 years of history and innovation. Offering a selection of high-efficiency boilers for both residential and commercial heating. Every model is simple to install and engineered for dependability, making it ideal for new or replacement installations. It also comes with a long-term manufacturer’s warranty. A Gas Safe registered installer must install and service the appliance on an annual basis.

  • Vaillant

Vaillant provides a variety of high-efficiency and low-cost boiler systems. They are well-known for their Ecotec plus line of boilers, which operate at extremely low noise levels. 

Vaillant has been a pioneer in heating British homes for over 140 years. They consistently raise the bar for home heating by being efficient, dependable, and simple to use. Vaillant boilers are ideal for use in any room of the house due to their distinctive shape and sophisticated construction. Powerful results from a small package.

  • Vokèra

Vokèra is one of the most well-known brands in the UK heating industry, with its products installed in millions of homes across the country. Vokèra’s products are frequently regarded as the best available due to constant innovation and a track record of striving for improvement. 

The company, which was founded over 30 years ago, has bases throughout the UK and Ireland that support every Vokèra installation Vokèra is a brand trusted by homeowners, installers, merchants, and specifiers alike, and is backed by the financial strength and stability of global parent company Riello Group. All Vokèra boilers are built to the highest standards and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. Furthermore, because they share the same pipe layout, upgrading from an old to a new Vokèra boiler is simple.

  • Viessmann

Viessmann boilers are built to last and are durable, dependable, efficient, and quiet. They don’t have as many novel features and technologies as some competitors, but that’s because they focus on proprietary designs that extend the lifespan and performance of their boilers. 

How to find the perfect boiler for your home

Multiple factors help you to find the right boiler for your home. These factors include 

  • The method of distributing the heat 
  • Space availability 
  • Age and the size of the home
  • Number of washrooms
  • The need for hot water supply

We recommend that you consult with an experienced consultant during your shopping process to ensure that all factors are considered. Here are some of the topics that the expert will discuss with you. 

  • Fuel source

Your options may be influenced by the fuel source used in your home. Natural gas, propane, and electricity are the most common boiler fuel sources. Natural gas is used in most homes; however, it is critical to understand how natural gas codes can affect your installation options. We recommend that you consult an expert or your natural gas provider about any restrictions. 

  • Space availability

For many homeowners, physical space is the deciding factor in selecting a new boiler. The unit can be floor standing or wall-mounted, depending on the type of boiler, and many come in both configurations. A floor-standing system may require up to 4×4 feet of space. Because there is no need for a hot water tank, a wall-mounted combi unit that provides hot water can help you save space in your home. 

  • Size of the boiler

The wrong boiler size can reduce your unit’s efficiency and increase its operating costs. Your ideal boiler will efficiently heat your entire home without wasting fuel. The larger the house, the larger the boiler, and the higher the BTU (British thermal unit) output. 

What does the law say that a landlord must cover where heating is concerned?

Repairs to heating, hot water, gas appliances, pipes, flues, ventilation, wiring, and sanitary fittings are legally the responsibility of landlords. This means that you are responsible for boiler repairs and maintenance.

The landlord’s legal responsibility is also to service any gas appliances on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

You must have an annual gas safety check performed by a registered engineer regarding gas boiler service legal requirements. You must keep copies of these checks and provide them to tenants at the start of each tenancy. Copies of the gas safety check record must be kept for a minimum of two years.

Moreover, landlords can get a boiler cover that helps them save money as well as their boilers. 247 Home Rescue boiler insurance offers a great opportunity to secure a chance for saving yourself from hassle-free 

Who is responsible for the boiler cover?

It is the landlord’s responsibility to obtain boiler insurance, and it is usually beneficial for them to do so because, without it, they are responsible for covering the cost of any repairs or replacements, which can be costly.

Landlord boiler insurance can cover leaks, parts and labour, Gas Safety Certificate, carbon monoxide test, boiler breakdowns, central heating breakdowns, annual boiler services, internal plumbing, home security, and electrical emergencies, depending on the package your landlord selects.

While it is the landlord’s responsibility to obtain boiler insurance and arrange for repairs, “It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep the landlord informed of any breakdowns or issues with your central heating system as soon as you know about it. 

Responsibilities as a landlord

You have many responsibilities as a landlord to ensure your tenant is safe and comfortable in their home. Gas Safe heating and hot water are examples of these. It is your legal responsibility to always keep these on hand.

If there is a breakdown of any kind and the tenant has not damaged the installation in any way, it is entirely your responsibility to have the boiler repaired or replaced in order to restore your tenant’s access to heating and hot water. In the event of an emergency, such as a lack of heating or hot water, the problem must be resolved within 24 hours.

24/7 Home Rescue Landlord boiler cover

The cost of replacing a faulty boiler can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, boiler breakdown coverage is typically available as part of a landlord’s home emergency insurance policy. 

boiler insurance offers the landlord boiler cover. Once you are secure with our boiler cover, no hint of worry will be left. 

247 Home Rescue boiler insurance gives you the peace of mind that restores your heat and warmth on cold chilly days and nights. 


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