Are you looking to buy the best ceiling fans in India? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

In India, where the temperatures vary to be moderate, hot, and cold, the best and foremost thing an individual can lean on is ceiling fans.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

Contrary to the best air conditioners in India, these ceiling fans do not decrease the temperature but circulate the air in the room, thereby giving a cooling and soothing effect.

If the climate is not too hot, then instead of buying a costly air-conditioner, it is highly recommendable to get one of the best ceiling fans in India. With its low energy consumption than the air conditioners, it has been observed that the ceiling fans have become more in demand, and buyers find it challenging to choose one among the best.

Deciding on which ceiling fans to choose from the best ceiling fans in India can be quite tricky and tedious at times.

Hence, it is vital to have a bright vision and knowledge of certain key factors that will aid in the selection of your ceiling fans. Of course, while stopping over to the stores, persons will be there to guide you, but still, it is important to be clear on the budget, requirements, and many others before making the right choice.

Best ceiling fans in India 2022

But before finalising the best ceiling fans, we would request you to also go through the complete article to know the types of ceiling fans available in India right now. it will definitely help you in selecting the best product.

When you are on the hunt of looking for the best ceiling fans in India at an affordable price and speed, then there are chances that you might end up confused. That is why here we have listed down some of the best high-speed ceiling fans in India to ease up your burden in search. 

1. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm ceiling fan is the best and reliable option for almost every house and is extremely durable. These ceiling fans blend easily with every home décor and give a glossy finish to it. Not only does it deliver quality in its design, but also it does the same in its performance as well.

Key Features

  • Efficient copper motor
  • Long life and better performance
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Noiseless operation
  • Wide fan blades

Orient Electric Apex FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Due to its strong copper motor, it is known to deliver the best air ventilation and air thrust. Comparing this product in the market, you will find out that it stands high concerning all the other ceiling fans available. So if you are in for a neat and clean looking best high- speed ceiling fan in India, then this is sure to take you in awe.


  • Easy installation process
  • Simple but innovative design which is ideal for a good lifestyle
  • Blends into any home décor, be it outdoor or indoor
  • Cleaning the fan blades are very easier compared to the rest


  • These ceiling fans are said to lack designer variants
  • The airspeed is not that high as expected by a few
  • Less chance of the motor to work finely after two years

2. Amazon’s Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is one of the best high-speed ceiling fans in India, which is energy efficient with minimal power consumption. Since decades, Solimo has come up with a wide variety of ceiling fans that, too, at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Delivers cool breeze due to its 380 rpm high-speed power
  • it has a two year of warranty
  • it has wide blades with a sweep of 48 inches (1200 mm)
  • Operates at a power of 66 watts
  • Energy-efficient product
Amazon Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The best part about this is that they never compromise on its product quality even if they are available at an affordable price. This ceiling fan is 380 rpm high-speed along with three blades and is sure to deliver cool air across the room fitting to any type of home décor. It is built from metalized steel and aluminium, thereby making the fan strong and durable lasting long.


  • Noiseless operation of the fan
  • Being energy efficient, it saves them money on electricity bills
  • Double ball bearing mechanism for best results
  • Due to the metalized steel, it lasts longer


  • Limited warranty
  • The air delivery is not as much as expected
  • Frequent repairs on the fan’s internal parts

3. Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 74- Watt Ceiling Fan (Ivory, Pack of 2)

These ceiling fans have a glossy finish and thereby blend easier with any home décor. These fans have a high lift angle of blades, whereby they provide much wider air circulation in all directions.

Key Features

  • It has wide lift angles for wider air circulation
  • Glossy powder coated paint
  • Performs well even during low voltage 
  • Comes with a warranty of two years and in ivory color
Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 74  Watt Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is 350 rpm high speed along with a sweep of 1200mm. But the main factor that sets this ceiling fan from the rest of the best high-speed ceiling fans in India is that it even works efficiently even during power fluctuations and low voltage. It is found to be a great option for those who are in for a shoestring budget.


  • Has a ten days replacement
  • Two years of warranty
  • Noiseless operation
  • Copper winding motor


  • It consumes more energy
  • Internal parts need heavy maintenance
  • Some report light noises after two years

4. Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan

This is also one amongst the best ceiling fans in India with price affordable for common modern living families. It is available in the market with a great motor capacity.

Key Features

  • It is the best option for a high-speed fan
  • Consists of three blades providing better air circulation
  • It runs on a speed of 75 watts power
  • It comes with a two years lifetime warranty
Crompton Hill Briz 48 inch Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan will be the best option for those electricity conscious users as it has less power consumption. It has a double ball bearing and three blades along with a sweep size of 1200 mm.


  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Good air ventilation
  • Noiseless working
  • Best suited for families or bachelors who shift often


  • The fans internal parts are seen to have repaired most often
  • The Fan blades can be of better quality
  • Its lifetime warranty is limited

5. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

This best ceiling fan brand in India uses the new electronic technology as far as ceiling fans are concerned, known as the BLDC or Brushless DC. These types of ceiling fans have an electronically operated motor. They have a plus whereby it gives a lot of options for operating it, be it from remote or phone.

Key Features

  • It comes with a two-year onsite warranty along with a one year extended warranty
  • Highly energy efficient thereby providing perfect air circulation
  • Its operation from remote is palatial
  • As it is regulator-free, no hassles of regulator breakage

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

These were earlier known as the Gorilla fans, consumes only 28 watts on high speed, and operates consistently at the same speed from a voltage range of 140-285V. It works three times longer as compared to any other induction fan or an inverter battery.


  • Low heat loss as compared to others
  • Makes use of the 1200 mm blade size thereby ventilating large part of the area
  • It has the brushless direct current
  • Less air cutting noise


  • Due to the new technology of BLDC, not every electrician can do its repairs
  • Its plastic remote is found to be of cheap quality

6. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70- Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan

This is also one of the best ceiling fans in India with a price affordable for everyone and brings the best of the home décor. It also works under low voltage conditions and provides better air circulation throughout the whole area.

Key Features

  • It has a sturdy and great design blending to your home décor
  • Turbo speed for better cooling effect
  • Comes with two years of a lifetime warranty
  • It has a non-corrosive high-grade aluminium motor

Luminous Dhoom 1200 mm 70 Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan


The best part of this ceiling fan is that it has high-speed aerodynamics blades with a size of 1200mm. Its high-speed motors provide high-speed rotation, thereby minimizing the overall heat. 


  • Noiseless functioning
  • It is designed in a way to provide high air delivery
  • It has a stunning look and provides powerful performance
  • It has three wider blades providing a wider breeze


  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Limited warranty period

7. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This is one of the most trending new additions of ceiling fans among the best ceiling fan brands in the Indian market. With this fan, it is sure to add charm and spark to any home décor.

Key Features

  • It comes with two years of manufacture warranty
  • Contemporary design made from aluminium
  • Known for its robust built-ins
  • Available with a high-efficiency motor

Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is proved to give an incredible cooling effect even at low voltages. Consuming about 72 watts of power, it functions with a motor speed of 350rpm.


  • Motor cover and blades with decorative trims
  • Works even in low voltages
  • Metallic paint finishing
  • High-speed delivery ceiling fan


  • A bit high priced
  • Limited warranty for two years
  • Frequent repairs

8. Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan is a premium quality ceiling fan from the Bajaj group with a fan sweep of 600mm and power consumption of 66 watts providing a very high rpm of 870.

Key Features

  • It comes with an aerodynamic design
  • It has a double ball bearing
  • Quick start high torque motor
  • Superior aluminium grade blades

Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan

These ceiling fans are best suited for office, home, and commercial space. It offers world-class performance along with its stunning look.


  • High air delivery
  • Two years of a lifetime warranty with 10 days replacement option
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fan


  • Needs frequent repairs for a better performance after two years
  • Internal parts are found to be weak
  • Compared to the rest it consumes more power

Types of Best Ceiling Fans in India to Look at

The ceiling fans come in a variety of wide ranges and can be classified as listed below:

Standard Ceiling Fans: This type of ceiling fan is the most common one that you can find in most of the homes today and often come in a wide variety of designs and colors ranging from light to dark shades. The standard ceiling fans always come with three-five blades, are light weighted, and with easy installation with the help of a metal rod hanged on to the ceilings. These are the most versatile ones that a normal modern family can access.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans: These low profile ceiling fans are designed where the fan blades are closer to the ceiling as compared to the standard ceiling fans. These are mainly meant for homes that have ceilings lower than 8 feet. They are normally known as the ‘Hugger fans’ or ‘Flush mount ceiling fans’ as they don’t use the metal rod down, rather they are directly installed on the mounting brackets. However, these fans do not have a perfect and powerful cooling option as there is a variation in the levels of airflow due to the blades being near to the ceilings.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans: If you are an environment-friendly human, then the energy star ceiling fans are a better option for your home. It normally falls under both the above-mentioned ones, and these consume much lesser energy compared to the rest. These fans mainly meet governmental standards for higher energy efficiency. With the use of improved blades and motor designs, these fans have gained the energy standards. It is seen that an energy star ceiling fan is 50 percent more efficient than the regular best high-speed ceiling fans in India.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans: As the name itself sounds, these ceiling fans are equipped with dual motors. With its central motor attached to the horizontal rod, the fan speeds and operations are adjustable. These dual motor ceiling fans also produce more airflow, thereby moving air in multiple directions. It is also known as the ‘Double-head’ or ‘Twin ceiling fans’. 

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans: Whether it is the standard fan, low-profile fan, dual-motor fan, or any other best ceiling fan brands in India, many of them come up with remote control. This aids you to sit back and relax wherein you can have control over its speed and work from where ever you are.

Chandelier Ceiling Fans: These Chandelier ceiling fans are a two-in-one fan serving as a lighting and cooling option. This is a perfect home décor for homeowners who want a cooling effect and their lighting space together. In this type of fan, the blades are hidden in the light fixtures, whereas in the other lights are added on the fan blades making more decorations.

Winding up with this, it might have been very tricky for you to choose one among the best ceiling fans in India, but keeping in mind the preferences and your requirements, it might be easier to choose now.



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