Immersion Rods are house appliances that are meant for instant water heating. They are implemented for the purpose since the old times. But now, they have evolved with amazing new features to improve the speed of water heating. Therefore, it is high time you get the best immersion rods in India to welcome winters while being prepared.

There are many top brands that claim to manufacture the best immersion rods water heater. All brands have improved their technology and material implementation to meet the demands and requirements of consumers.

Best Immersion Rods in India

Therefore, here is the list of best immersion rods in India to make it easy for you to choose the best immersion rods water heater for dealing with the winter cold. Check out these five products that have been listed after a detailed comparison of products of top brands.

Best Immersion Rods in India

1. Bajaj Immersion Rod Water Heater

Bajaj has been one of the best brands that take care of almost all house needs. They are also manufacturing the best immersion rods water heater to assist you in preparing for meeting the hot water needs during winters. Moreover, the products by Bajaj are cheap yet efficient.


  • It has a three-pin plug.
  • Manufactured with anti-corrosive material.
  • The hairpin tubular heating element is used.
  • Brand warranty of one year on manufacturing defects.
  • It has a power requirement of 230 Volts to 250 Volts.

Bajaj Immersion Rod Water Heater

This immersion rod water heater by Bajaj is made up of anti-corrosive material which ensures its longevity. In addition to that, it is also embedded with modern implementations for ensuring low energy consumptions. So, you just need to keep in mind that you are investing a minimal amount for getting the best water heaters in India in the form of immersion rods.

Bajaj offers a warranty on all its electrical appliances, and this immersion rod comes with one year warranty for any manufacturing defect. Bajaj makes sure that their products remain invincible for a long time. But, if anything goes sideways, the brand will assist you with ideal solutions.


  • It is small in size that makes it easy to carry around.
  • It consumes less energy.
  • It is affordable and within the budget of buyers.
  • It is easy to use and operate.


  • The built-quality could have been more durable.
  • The material used for the top gripping handle is not up to the mark.

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2. Havells Immersion HB15 1500 Watt

People have a dilemma that immersion rods are not meant for giving an appealing look. People believe that they are meant for just giving hot water and are stored after that. But Havells is offering the best immersion water heaters in India that is blended with elegant white & blue design to make sure that it adds at least a little glamour to your house.


  • Nickel plating is embedded onto the rod for preventing corrosion.
  • Additional cover for touch protection.
  • ISI marked for ensuring quality.
  • The heating element supports heat transfer.
  • It operates with the power of 1500 Watts and voltage of 220-230 V
  • Brand warranty of 2 years on the product for manufacturing defects.

Havells Immersion HB15 1500 Watt

Not just looks, but this product is also rich in features to make water heating, a mere cakewalk. It is a 1500 Watt immersion rod that speeds up the water heating process. It is blended with a nickel coating to ensure that no rust or corrosion can hamper the integrity of the immersion rod.

It is one of the best immersion rods water heater that has a long metal part with sturdy top for better handling. Hence, this makes water heating a convenient job. Gone are those days when you had to wait for a longer time to heat water with immersion rods. Havells has brought the best immersion rods in India to change this impression.


  • It is completely waterproof.
  • It has an elegant look and style.
  • It has heating indicators.
  • The bucket hook is sturdy and stylish.


  • The heating time is a bit slow in this product.
  • It is slightly heavy that hampers are operating convenience.

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3. Rico 1500-W Metal Water Heater Immersion Rod

The operating power of 1500 Watts is to ensure faster heating of water. Rico is a recognized brand that is offering an attractive immersion rod with a colourful handle on the top. It is embedded with modern-day technology to prevent shocks while in water.


  • It is a 1500 Watt immersion rod.
  • Advanced technology to eliminate shock conditions.
  • The copper heating element is coated with nickel plating for better efficiency.
  • Sturdy bucket handle for easy gripping.
  • Brand warranty of one year on the product.

Rico 1500 W Metal Water Heater Immersion Rod

Even though there are many best water heaters in India, this immersion rod by Rico is a perfect alternative to those expensive options. Rico has implemented modern technology to ensure that they are also the providers of the best immersion rods in India. Copper plating is used in the product for faster heating.

Rico has successfully proved its might to be a part of the list of 5 best immersion rods in India. Therefore, if you are looking for a sturdy, efficient and affordable immersion rod, then Rico is the ideal brand for you to meet your water heating needs.


  • It helps in superfast heating.
  • Durable and long-lasting copper heating element.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Shockproof to ensure safety during use.


  • It releases a foul smell on the first few uses.
  • The plastic used is of low-quality.

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4. Crompton ACGIH-IHL102 1000-Watt Immersion Water Heater

Crompton is yet another famous brand that has offered a plethora of appliances for the home. Here is the 1000 watt immersion rod that is available at cost-effective pricing. Not just price efficient but this immersion rod gives a super-fast heating output which makes it ideal for being listed here.


  • 1000 Watt Immersion Rod for superfast water heating.
  • Embedded with an LED indicator for power.
  • ISI certified for ensuring quality.
  • Brand warranty of one year on the product for attending manufacturing defects.
  • Available in two options: 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt.
  • Shockproof plastic handle for enhanced safety.

Crompton ACGIH IHL102 1000 Watt Immersion Water Heater

The best immersion rods water heater by Crompton are ISI certified products that are pure evidence of its quality above all. There is no need for installation for this appliance as you just need to go through the instruction manual to use it on your own. It consists of an indicator as well to let you know when the rod heats up.

The looks are standard, and the application is way beyond commendable. With faster heating offered by the best immersion rods in India by Crompton, people do not need to go for expensive water heating appliances anymore. They can get hot water for use within a matter of a few minutes.


  • It is a shockproof immersion rod.
  • It supports faster water heating solutions.
  • No installation or demonstration is needed.
  • It is easy to operate, maintain and store.


  • The built quality is not adequate for longevity.
  • No consumer demos will be provided by the brand, one is requested to read the manual.

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5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 1000 W Immersion Water Heater Rod

Solimo is an Amazon Brand and has gained immense popularity in a short span of time. They are also counted as the providers of best immersion rods in India. The 1000 Watts power is designated for giving you instant hot water. Solimo assures that you can heat a 20-litre bucket full of water in just 17 minutes.


  • It is a 1000 Watt rod for faster water heating.
  • It heats 20 litres of water in 17 minutes.
  • ISI certification proves product efficiency.
  • The hairpin tubular element for efficient heating.
  • The handle is made up of ABS thermoplastic.
  • Water level indicator is printed on the immersion rod.
  • Brand warranty of one year is offered on manufacturing errors.

Amazon Brand Solimo 1000 W Immersion Water Heater Rod

It is a good time assurance, and not all the immersion rods have this potential. Solimo is offering the best immersion rods in India that is cheaper in terms of pricing and efficient in terms of quality. The handle in this immersion rod is designed adequately for preventing heat loss. It is convenient for daily use to get hot water easily and conveniently.

Do not worry about experiencing shocks and defects with this immersion rod as everything is factory tested. There is no chance of any shocks while it is immersed in water and is embedded with a necessary coating to ensure no rusting or corrosion. There is no need of installation with these immersion rods as they are easy to use.


  • Faster heating as compared to other products.
  • It is pretty affordable and within the budget.
  • No installation or demo is required.
  • Appealing look with vibrant blue colour.
  • Sturdy bucket holder.


  • The connecting cable is short.
  • Electricity consumption is more with this rod.

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All these products are compared with the best brands over the online and offline market. If you are looking for an immersion rod to prepare for the upcoming winters, then these are the best immersion rods in India that you must take a look at. If the specifications match as per your requirement, then go ahead and get the best affordable immersion rods right away.

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