Choosing the best paint color for home is something for which people have always strived a lot. Many people adopt different approaches in order to get a desired paint color so that they can exhibit their lifestyle and fashion statement in the best possible way. But have you ever imagined that choosing the best paint color doesn’t merely depend on your taste or preference but there are multiple factors that affect your selection. Getting a paint swatch and simply choosing a desired color combination may end up in disappointment along with a total waste of your valuable income. Hence, you need to be more insightful before making a selection for paint colors. In this segment, we have mentioned some crucial factors which should be taken into account before finalizing a paint color for your dream project. 

how to choose the Best Paint Color for Your Home

Your Location has a profound effect on colors

The type of area where you dwell is a crucial factor to be considered before you pick an apt paint color for your home painting job. Temperature has a lot to do with your selected colors and has a strong effect on its reflection. Not only the reflection but the durability of the paint color also depends on the kind of temperature your home is exposed to. For instance, if you live in a place that has hot and humid temperature then acrylic paints will work best for your home as they have tendency to resist blistering or cracking of surfaces due to heat. If you live in a moderate temperature, oil-based paints can be a better option for you. So before you buy paint brushes in UAE, you need to keep this factor in mindto get the maximum output and contentment out of your home paint colors. 

Exposure to Light

This is another major factor which decides the quality and reflection of your paint color. We have often heard that colors react differently to light and you must consider this aspect before choosing a paint color. When we say light, it includes both artificial lighting and day lighting to which your home is exposed. Look whether your home is exposed to constant sunlight throughout the day or not. How often you have to depend on artificial lighting during the daytime. Even the surrounding also plays a crucial role that can affect your wall colors and its reflection. If there is a pool beside your room, it will reflect a bluish color during the day and if it is an open area, the colors will flash more vibrantly due to the sunlight they get. Buy some quality paint tools in UAE to make sure that your painting task is done perfectly.  

Home Decors and Furniture

People often make up their mind, go to the market and order a paint of their desired color without even thinking of their furniture and home decors. Then after getting the complete painting task done, they find a great mismatch between their furniture and wall paint color. A contrast is good but an absurd contrast can be liable to great embarrassment. Hence, you need to be very careful regarding some major items at home like furniture and decorative items. It is better to choose a color that best compliments them and adds to their value. It is better to search for some good quality polythene sheet suppliers in UAE to protect your furniture and decorative items from stubborn paint stains. Getting a paint color based on this aspect will add to the beauty of your home and all belongings which will look well-synchronized with a paint color that best compliments the colors of your furniture and home decors. 

The Undertone Factor

This is another ignored aspect while purchasing a paint color for home. Undertones are the colors lurking beneath your favorite paint color. So if you have chosen a simple Beige, it may not give the right amount of reflection if there is a dark green undertone. The best way is to try sampling. You can paint smaller sections of your different walls and look for the quality of reflection they give in each room. Buy a paint tray in UAE and try some different colors as sampling and it will give you a clear idea about the appearance of your new paint color. Sampling is the most commonly used technique through which most of the experts get a desired paint color for their walls that best suits their requirement.

All these aspects will help you to get the best paint color for your home painting task. You can be as creative as you can with a wide variety of colors available in the market but make sure that the money you spend on paint colors yield you the best result. 

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