Do you want to get rid of the water-borne diseases? Then, you need to immediately buy the best water purifiers in India that purifies all the silt, dirt, and bacteria from the water and supplies you with pure water that is safe to drink.

Best Water Purifiers in India

With the increase in demand for the best water purifiers for home, there are different models and types of purifiers mushrooming in the market.

Out of all the best water purifiers in India, people are inclined to buy RO purifiers, as this removes pollutants from the water effectively compared to the other purifiers. This keeps all the health problems that are triggered due to the drinking of impure water at bay.

Drinking contaminated water is harmful to the health of kids and adults in the family.

When you install RO water purifier, you can make sure that the water is healthy and safe. This water purifier will remove all the impurities from the water and make the water safe to consume.

Best Water Purifiers in India 2022

1. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

This is a cost-effective best water purifier in India for the people who have a limited budget. This is the best purifier that has the good storage capacity of around 7 liters. This comes with a gamut of features that, make sure that you are supplied with safe and healthy drinking water round the clock.

Livpure Glo RO UV Mineralizer Water Purifier


The best part of this model is that it even operates when there is no power. This uses an advanced filtration system to purify the water. The design of this water purifier is sleek and elegant and adds style to the kitchen. This is equipped with full tank indicator. This has to be connected to the water outlet to get safe drinking water. This removes harmful contaminants from the water besides keeping bad odor at bay. This retains the water taste and supplies safe water. This purifier filters the water in 6 stages. The coarse impurities are removed using sediment filter. The RO membrane passes the water at high pressure and removes heavy metals and herbicides. The minerals in the water are improved by essential Mineralizer.

2. A.O. Smith Z8 RO 10 Litre RO+SCMT Water Purifier

AO Smith is the top brand water purifier that is available in your budget. This wall-mountable purifier will supply 100% safe and healthy drinking water to your home all the time. This is the most popular and one of the best water purifiers in India that has the capacity to hold 10 liters of water.

AO Smith Z8 Green RO Wall Mountable water purifier


The RO purification is equipped with Mineralizer that improves the minerals in the water. This is also equipped with a food-grade plastic storage tank. The best part of this purifier is that it purifies the water and saves the water. Basically, in the RO purification process, 50% of water is wasted, and this water goes down the drain. This is made of advanced water recovery technology that saves twice the water that is wasted by other RO purifiers. This purifier has gained huge popularity for showing the highest recovery of water. The RO, along with SMCT technology, will keep harmful substances at bay. This also comes with a hot water dispenser that heats the water to 45 degrees with just a press of a button.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 6-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is the most popular company that manufactures the best water purifiers for home. This RO water purifier manufactured using Double Purification technology that gives you 100% pure and safe water. This has the capacity to hold 6 liters of water.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus RO UV MTDS Water Purifier


This works with RO and UV purification technology and saves a lot of power by running in the energy-saving mode. This purifier is used to treat the water that is from various water sources like borewell, tankers, and well water. This uses six stages to purify the water. In the first stage, it pre-filters to filter out impurities, and in Chemi block stage it eliminates the bad odor from the water. The membrane life enhancer will remove dissolved salts from forming scales. The RO membrane removes heavy metals, and the taste enhancer will enhance the taste of the water. The UV disinfection chamber removes bacteria. The LED indicator will indicate the purification process, lack of water supply, and any malfunctioning in the machine. This turns off automatically once the water tank is full.

4. KENT Grand 8-Litres RO + UV/UF + TDS Controller Water Purifier

When you think of buying a water purifier for home, the first name that hits the mind is Kent. This water purifier has made a good name in the market and is also available at a pocket-friendly price for the people. This has the capacity to hold 8 liters of water. This uses patented RO TM technology to purify the water and is perfect to be installed in Indian homes. This purifier has the ability to handle municipal water and groundwater and convert this water into 100% safe drinking water.

KENT Grand Wall Mountable RO UV UF TDS water purifier

The futuristic double purification system is equipped with RO and UV/UF. This technology will keep bacteria, germs, and dissolved solids at bay. It is natural to lose minerals from the water during the RO purification process. The TDS controllers equipped in this water purifier will retain the minerals that are lost while giving you tasty drinking water.

5. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+MF 6 Stage 5L Water Purifier

This model purifier fits in the bill of every individual. This has the tank that has the ability to store 5 liters of water. The auto shut off option is the highlight of this water purifier. The moment water flows from the tank; the purifier will start to do the purification job.

HUL Pureit Advanced RO MF 6 Stage Water Purifier


This looks stylish and adds beauty to every kitchen. The best thing is that it is highly durable and is made of high-grade plastic. This is easy to clean and maintain. The TDS levels will be brought down the safe drinking level with the help of Pureit Advanced RO+MF technology. This has the ability to convert hard water into sweet water. The purity water is assured with the filter block installation. More importantly, the longevity of the membrane and filters are high. The purifier is leak proof. The fittings of this best water purifier have a good grip. This purifier is easy to install without a technician — this purifiers chlorine and pesticides from the water thoroughly and using the RO membrane. The best thing is that the water is purified twice in Microfiltration/Membrane UV chamber.

6. Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier

This is the reputed brand that is using both the RO and UV purification methods to purify the water. The water first passes through the RO membrane and then through the UV purification to give safe and healthy drinking water.

Havells Max 7 litres RO UV Water Purifier


The mineral cartridge present in this water purifier will maintain the pH value of the water besides increasing the minerals. The hard water that is purified using this purifier tastes good. The tank can store the water to around 7 liters. The revitalization that is used will restructure the water molecules and make it biologically active to boost mineral absorption. The iprotect purification that is used will keep a close watch on the purification process of the water and make sure that the water produced is always safe, healthy, and tasty. This best water purifier for home is available in the budget. The best thing is that it perfectly fits in any corner of the kitchen or can be mounted on the wall.

7. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

This is another reputed brand water purifier in India that has the tank with the storage capacity of 7 liters. This purifies the water in 6-stage to supply pure drinking water. The system will generate an alert when the tank is full; water pressure is low and purification alert. The six-phase purification process comes with pre-sediment filter followed by pre and post activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and aqua taste booster improve the taste of the drinking water.

Blue Star Aristo RO UV Water Purifier


The key feature of this water purifier is that it maintains the pH value of the water and boosts the taste of the water after the RO purification process. The double filtration method that is used by RO and UV removes the bacteria, heavy metals, and other chemicals from the water. This is equipped with a superior quality RO membrane that gives high purification capacity. This also comes with a child lock to prevent wastage of water.

8. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

This electrical UV Water Purifier will work using biotron technology that also uses state-of-the-art technology to get rid of the bacteria, germs, heavy metals. The indicators and sensors equipped to this purifier will give an alert to the users to drink the water when it is 100% safe. The four-level purification process will make sure that there are no impurities present in the water.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal plus UV Water Purifier

At the first level, the mid and impurities that are in the size of 5 microns are removed from the water and at the second level, the purifier will remove impurities, arsenic, mercury, and lead. In the third level, UV rays are used to kill bacteria and pathogens, and in the fourth level, the mineral guard is used to retain the natural minerals in the drinking water. The auto shut off feature will shut off the water purifier when it is not in use for around 10 minutes. The intelligent purity sensor will monitor the water purification process and stops the water flow once the purification is done.

9. LG Puricare RO + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

This is a budget-friendly water purifier in India that fits into the requirements of every home. This comes with the five-stage RO filtration system that adds minerals to the purified drinking water after the RO purification process.

LG Puricare RO Mineral Booster Water Purifier

This water purifier produces pure and safe drinking water. This also offers digital sterilizing care and is equipped with the filter change indicators to indicate the water tank level. The mineral filter will add essential minerals to the water to give healthy and tasty RO purified water. This offers excellent performance, and the dual-protection stainless steel tank will not let the bacteria and algae to grow.

What is an RO Water Purifier?

RO water purifier will use a semi-permeable membrane to remove the impurities from the water thoroughly. When the water purifier is connected to the tap or tank, the hard water flows through the RO membrane and the solids such as fluoride, arsenic, nitrates, chlorine, lead, and other impurities are trapped in the RO membrane and supply you with the purified water that is ready to drink.

This purifier is used to purify the hard water as well as the saltwater that is filled with chemicals and dissolved solids. The best part of using this type of water purifier is that it has the ability to purify the metal impurities like arsenic, chlorine, nitrates, lead, sulfate, and fluorides from the water. If you are looking for the best water purifiers in India to install in your home, then without a second thought, you can go for RO water purifier to drink safe and pure water.

There are two types of RO water purifiers available in the market. One is, wall-mounted and the other is under the sink or under counter purifier. You can mount the water purifier on the wall or under the sink.

Best Water Purifiers in India – Advantages

  • This best water purifier in India will remove the dissolved solids like arsenic, leads and other solids at a faster pace and allow you to consume safe and healthy water. In addition, this purifier also has the ability to remove bacteria, virus and germs.
  • Improve the odor and taste of the water by keeping the bad odor and taste from the water at bay.
  • Cost effective way to convert hard water into drinking water that is safe to drink.
  • Easy to maintain.

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Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Water Purifiers in India

With the overwhelming number of water purifier, it is always challenging for the consumers to choose the right purifier that fits with their needs. Here are a few factors you can take into account while buying a best water purifier for your home.

Check the quality of water

You need first to examine the water quality that is supplied to your home and then choose the water filter that meets your requirements. The quality of water differs from area to area. In a few areas, the water is loaded with silt while in few other places it is full of germs and virus that are not visible to the naked eye but will take a toll on the health. The color of the water will indicate whether the water has sediments or not. The odor and taste of the water can also help you to check whether or not the water is filled with dissolved impurities. If you see the formation of white patches on the water when the water is stored in the steel cans, it indicates that the water is hard and has a high amount of calcium and magnesium.

In this case, the best option to choose is the best RO water purifier for home. This is a semi-permeable membrane that has the size of the pore to 0.0005 microns. These miniscule pores will purify the dissolved impurities, salts and metals quickly and thoroughly. You can test the water to see whether the impurities are still floating. There are a few metals such as arsenic; mercury and lead present in the water are harmful to health. Based on the water quality that is supplied to the home, you need to choose the purifier.

Daily usage

You need to analyze the water consumed by your family every day. You need to determine if you need water just for drinking purpose or cooking purposes. This helps you to decide the kind of water purifier you can buy for your home. If you are consuming many liters of water, then you need to buy the water purifier that has a higher output rate which filters gallons of water briskly. If the consumption is low and you have a family of 2 to 3 members, you can buy a small water purifier for home. The number of users in the home will help you determine the size of purifier you have to buy. If you are a big family, then buying a water purifier that has the capacity to purify less water, it will be of no use.

Check the budget

You need to set a budget to buy the best water purifier. This helps you to narrow down the purifier choices and models. Once you have locked the budget, you can start looking for the models that fit in your budget without going overboard. As water purifier is a long-term investment, you need to choose the purifier that is of superior quality brand and good model with many features. If you are choosing RO water purifier, there are a myriad of models available and the price is also reasonable.

Check the Purification process and technology used

The excellent way to choose the best water purifier for your home is to compare the RO purification technology of two to three best models side by side. The technology used to purify the water will have a greater impact on water quality. There is a specific mechanism that is used by the water filters to purify the impure water. There are labels like RO (Reverse osmosis) treatment. This will use a semi-permeable membrane to remove the metals, molecules, bacteria, germs, and sediments from the water. You need to check the stages of purification done by the water purifier and select the brand that is using the RO technology to purify the water.

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Electricity consumption

To run an RO purifier, you would need electricity. You need to check the model that is consuming less power to save big on electricity while getting pure water to drink.

Maintenance expenses of water purifier

Prior to buying an RO water purifier, you need to calculate the maintenance charges you would need to spend a year or half-yearly. It is recommended to invest in the purifier that you can afford. There are a few purifiers for which you need to remove the filters for every 3 to 4 months for the effective filtration process. You need to keep all these in mind prior to buying the best water purifier in India. The maintenance cost for an RO would range from 2000 to 5000/- every year.

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Purchase registered product

A water purifier is a key appliance that should have in your kitchen. There are a myriad of companies who are manufacturing this product. Therefore, it is critical for you to buy the best water purifier that is manufactured by a reliable brand. You need to check the registration of the appliance prior to buying. There are a few companies who sell shoddy quality products without doing any kind of quality checks. You only need to buy the purifiers manufactured by reliable brands and from reputed stores.

Keep contamination at bay

Lead, virus, and bacteria would take a toll on the health of humans. If the contaminants are high in the water, it is advised to buy RO water purifier. This destroys the bacteria and supplies only pure and safe water for drinking. When you have the best RO water purifier installed in your home, you can stay rest assured. However, you need to choose the right model that fits your needs. The RO membrane equipped in the purifier will filter out germs and give you pure drinking water.

Body of the water purifier

Once the technical areas are thoroughly analyzed, next is the look of the purifier. You need to buy the portable water purifier for home that is easy to shift from one place to another. If you buy a heavy one, it becomes challenging for you to move. The design of the water purifier should match with the décor of your home. You need to buy the purifier that matches with your home décor and meets your water purification needs.


It is always recommended to look for the specifications prior to buying the RO water purifier. You should know the features of the RO purifier while buying one for your home. You need to go through the features of each purifier and choose the one that fits in your needs.

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