You can anytime face an emergency caused due to drains. There are many spots at your place where you face different blockage issues due to various reasons and items. These blockages cause overflowing, foul smell, bacterial infection, and many other health hazardous issues.

Blocked Drains

Reason that causes the drains to get blocked

You never know the cause unless you face an issue. There are a few things you need to keep a check on. Below, you will learn about the reasons that lead to blocked brains:

Kitchen drainage

You can often realize in your kitchen sink because dishwashing is an everyday practice. The detergents for dishwashers you use can have a chemical substance that may accumulate in the pipelines. Moreover, the oil, grease and other fatty substances slowly stick to your drains and get thicker in some time, causing blocking. Food debris, including small pieces of the outer vegetable skin, coffee powder amalgamate with the grease or oil. This amalgamation also leads to the blocking of the kitchen sink. You will have to keep a check on the proper disposal of the garbage and the leftovers.


Disposing sanitary products, cotton balls, wet wipes, baby wipes, etc., cause sewage blockage. People tend to flush these items in the toilets, but they are unaware of the repercussions. These products expand when they meet liquid or water as they absorb the water. If you consistently flush these objects slowly, the collection will lead to blocked drains. When you have your house surrounded by kids, the chances of clogging increase as they throw. The toys are made up of plastic or other materials which get stuck in the sewage pipeline.

Bathroom sinks

Hair and soap are the most common reasons that cause blocked drains in different areas of your bathroom like shower, bathtub, and washbasin. Soap or oily hair produces the same effects as the fatty substances do; these also start sticking on the surface of pipes. Similarly, when hair drains into the pipelines, they tangle and cause blocking in the drainage system.


Gutters are the drainage system attached to the sides of the roof. There is a high chance for the gutters to get jammed and start to crack. Gutter start to sag and will end up getting blocked. Obviously, you don’t flush anything up there, yet it gets blocked. This is because the leaves falling from the trees, dust, the leftovers of birds and other such actions lead to the blocked gutters. You will need help of a professional to get rid of the issue here.

Unclogging drains

  • You can use a plunger, hydro jet, plumber’s snake, hanger, etc. which are some tools you or your plumber uses to unclog the blocked drains. By using DIY techniques, you can try clearing the sewage lines of your toilets. Make sure you have a container or a bucket next to you to collect the debris.
  • Start pouring boiling water into the clogged drain and leave it for five to ten minutes. Then again, start pouring hot water. This natural method may also help in unblocking the drains. Pouring hot water in the drains will loosen up the blockage.
  • If you are still facing blocked drains, you can try the DIY mixture. Baking soda and lemon or vinegar mixture are common methods to help with the drains that are blocked. Keep pouring liquid so that the blocked substance breaks down into particles and can move freely.
  • Moreover, it would be better if you put mesh drains or drainage nets on the drains. This will prevent hair and other larger particles from flowing into the drain system.


Other than these, tree debris, roots, leaves may also block the drains of your lawn or garden area. Therefore, make sure you don’t behave carefree as severe blocked drains can be annoying and troublesome. If the situation gets out of control or clogging persists, reach the licensed plumber for proper clearing.


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