Chimney & Exhaust fans have their own efficiency. The exhaust fans are essential for ventilating the smoke emitted while cooking the foods. Moreover, it also vents the bad odor from the kitchen to keep the air fresh and clean. The exhaust fans are a bit inefficient in absorbing the oil or grease particles that stick around your stove during cooking. It is the job of the kitchen chimneys with motors or filters to suck out all the smoke, grease, or oil contents.

chimney vs exhaust fan the difference and benefits

We Indians think that if we have an exhaust fan, there is no need for a chimney hood. An exhaust fan can only draw smoke out of your kitchen but it does not take care of other impurities like carbon and food particles.

In Indian kitchens, where oily and spicy food is cooked, greasy substance and other impurities reach the ceiling above the cooking area.

And in case your kitchen has a cabinet above the platform or on the sidewalls, they will get the stains.

Hence if you rely only on the exhaust fans, either your ceiling or your cabinets get affected by impurities. But in the same kitchen, if you have a chimney, the smoke, impurities, and food particles are thrown out of the kitchen using filters of the chimney.

People often get confused when they plan to buy one of them. The main reason for their confusion is the lack of proper information.

They just buy low cost products like exhaust fan and think that this product can do the same job at an affordable cost. What they don’t know, is about the exact functioning of these two products and their individual benefits.

So, in this article, I with my team have created a piece of information to clear all your doubts and help you to make a good decision.

Just keep reading this article and let me know in the comment section if you have any further doubt regarding this topic.

So, before making any decision, you need to understand the definition first.

What is Kitchen Chimney?

Advantages of Kitchen Chimneys

Here are some of the benefits that you get on getting your kitchens equipped with kitchen chimneys:

  • Buying the best kitchen chimneys in India will help you keep your kitchen walls around your cooking stove clean without any oil or grease marks. If you would notice, then you would eventually see the difference in the cleanliness factor of your wall. Without kitchen chimneys, your walls would remain dirty, dark, or sticky.
  • Buy the best rice cookers in India to help put a bit lesser steam load on the kitchen chimneys to increase the life of the filter to some extent.
  • It helps you get rid of the foul smell in the kitchen. Not only foul, but the kitchen always needs to be free from any kind of food smell, whether good or bad. If the smell stays, then it would last for a long time. So, it is better if your kitchen chimneys are sucking it all instantly.
  • Strong spices in India usually make people sneeze while cooking. This aspect is also taken care of by the kitchen chimneys as these strong aromas are sucked instantly by the chimneys to prevent you from sneezing while cooking.
  • Moreover, it adds an elegant look to your overall kitchen. The use of best kitchen chimneys in India helps give your kitchen a complete modern makeover.

Disadvantages of Kitchen Chimneys

What is Exhaust Fan?

Advantages of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

If you are restricted on your budget, then you can still use exhaust fans to control some cleanliness factors of your kitchen. Note some of the benefits of using exhaust fans in your kitchen:

  • The use of exhaust fans controls the humid air and directs them out through the windows to outside air while cooking. The benefit of this factor is that the kitchen stays cool for a longer time.
  • The odors, fumes, and steams can be easily regulated with the use of exhaust fans. When placed above the cooking stoves, it protects the kitchen walls from experiencing damage due to steam or fumes.
  • While cooking, you might make the kitchen atmosphere too hot to bear the temperature. The use of exhaust fans will drive away from the hot air immediately and make the kitchen room cool for cooking practices.
  • All types of gas or other harmful airborne pollutants are also driven out of the kitchen immediately within a few minutes of switching it on.
  • There are certain decorative exhaust fans available that blend with your kitchen style to give you the desired look.

Disadvantages of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Kitchen Chimneys Vs. Exhaust Fans

Here are the probable differences that will eventually help clear your mind about the functionalities of chimneys and exhaust fans. Some of the practical differences between them are:

  • Kitchen chimneys are efficient in cleaning not only the smoke around the kitchen but also sucks in the oil or grease contents to keep the kitchen stove fresh all the time. The exhaust fans are ideal for removing only the smoke or bad odor from the kitchen to keep the air fresh. The kitchen chimney does require timely maintenance for their filters as the suction power reduces when the grease or oil contents block the filter path.
  • The exhaust fans are quite cheap in India as it starts at Rs.1000, whereas if you go for buying the best kitchen chimneys in India, then the starting price would be around Rs.10,000. The prices are worth the product value because they function pretty well to keep your kitchen clean and gives it a modern look. The exhaust fans are compact and do their job effectively.
  • Electricity consumption for the kitchen chimneys is high for up to 230 watts as it offers high-end functionalities. On the other hand, the exhaust fans consume around 65 watts for running seamlessly.

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Out of kitchen chimneys and exhaust fans, the kitchen chimneys are undoubtedly highly efficient as they have more intuitive features for keeping your kitchens clean. The exhaust fans are cheaper variants that offer similar features but are restricted to only removing the foul smell, gas, steam, and other airborne contaminants.

So, if you are looking to buy the best kitchen chimneys, check out the online stores and shortlist your variants according to the specifications you need. Along with that, buy the best pressure cookers in India to complete your kitchen setup.



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