Air Conditioners with inverters help in controlling the cooling or heating capacity of the device. The variable-speed compressor helps in adjusting the refrigerant flow inside the unit. This process helps in eliminating start-stop cycles, which in turn increases the durability of the device. This also helps in saving energy as inverter air conditioners slow down the speed of the motor once the room is cool. Inverter air conditioners may be slightly heavy on the pocket, but they are a smart long-term investment.

difference between inverter and non inverter air conditioner

Some of the best air coolers in India also come with an inverter feature that gives air conditioners without an inverter a mean competition. Non-inverter air conditioners have compressors that shut down automatically when the room has cooled down. This frequent and sudden on-off cycle creates a lot of noise and consumes large amounts of electricity. This also affects the durability of the devices, which requires constant servicing.

Below are mentioned 5 differences between the inverter and non-inverter AC’s to help you make an informed decision:


  • Inverter Air Conditioner: Inverter air conditioners are some of the best air conditioners in India. They are environmentally friendly as the inverter never lets the compressor or motor to completely turn off. The amount of electricity used is reduced drastically when the room has reached optimal cooling or heating and maintains a constant temperature.
  • Non-Inverter Air Conditioner: Non-inverter air conditioners function on fixed amounts of air and temperature. Once the room has cooled down, the compressor shuts off and only turns back on when the room is warm again. This process is not energy efficient, and the electricity bills can burn a hole in your pockets. The fluctuating voltage does not add to the durability of the device.


  • Inverter Air Conditioner: Since air conditioners with inverters do not constantly go on and off, they hardly make any sound. The compressor is functioning non-stop to maintain the temperature settings without making any sound. It also senses the outside temperature and works accordingly without damaging the device. 
  • Non-Inverter Air Conditioner: The automatic on and off feature in the non-inverter air conditioners make loud sounds. This can be disturbing in the middle of the night or during important events. The constant voltage fluctuations also create loud noises. This feature also does not make the device eco-friendly as it requires large amounts of electricity to function.


  • Inverter Air Conditioner: Air conditioners with inverters maybe some of the best air conditioners in India, but they also add up to the cost. The new technology with energy and sound efficiency comes at a price but is also a smart one-time, long-term investment. The cost of installation of inverter air conditioners is surprisingly very cost-effective.
  • Non-Inverter Air Conditioner: Non-inverter air conditioners are not only heavy on the finances but also a hazard to the environment. They may come at a lower price, but they are followed by pricey installation fees and even pricier electricity and maintenance bills. They need constant repair or adjusting, which is just a cost add-on.


  • Inverter Air Conditioner: Some of the best air coolers in India still do not come with a compressor unit. This unit in inverter air conditioners converts the refrigerant gas to a liquid state. This process helps in the regulation of the temperature in the room without turning on and off and maintaining the set temperature. 
  • Non-Inverter Air Conditioner: The compressor in non-inverter air conditioners cannot be controlled and only functions according to the temperature of the room. There is no external device to regulate the voltage or the speed at which the temperature changes. Once the room is cool, it will automatically switch itself off, causing damage to the device.


  • Inverter Air Conditioner: The inverter in air conditioners’ main function is to monitor and control the constant electricity fluctuations. These voltage fluctuations are what causes massive electricity bills and damage to the device. The inverter prolongs the air conditioner’s life by keeping a check on the temperature both inside and outside the room.
  • Non-Inverter Air Conditioner: Air conditioners without the inverter face high voltage fluctuations, which can cause the device to burn. Sudden high-power voltage can cause a fire or damage the electrical wiring. The air conditioner has to work twice as hard by pulling extra energy, which puts unnecessary load on the device. This process shortens the lifespan of the device.


The bottom line is inverter air conditioners may be pricey, but they cover up the cost in the long run. Non-inverter air conditioners may be a cheap buy but will surely add a lot of expense in the future.

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