Pressure cookers are one of the most used kitchen accessories for steam cooking the food items. They are destined to speed up the process of cooking any dish by 70%, and that is truly commendable. The heat aspect is high in pressure cookers, and the cooking time is reduced for which the vitamin aspects of the food stay intact, ensuring you consume healthy food only.

The people most commonly look for buying the best pressure cookers in India to meet their steam or pressure-cooking needs. But before that, you need to know some of the do’s and don’ts that would help you cook better with your pressure cooker.

dos and donts pressure cooker

Things to Do with Pressure Cooker

Here are some of the things that you must do right after you buy your pressure cooker:

1. Follow the instruction manual

Before you take your pressure cooker for a cooking spin on the cooktop, make sure to read the instruction manual on priority. Different brand pressure cookers come with a separate set of instructions that you need to follow to avail the full potential of your cooker. Therefore, find the time and read the manual once. Remember, if you are buying the best rice cookers in India, then it has a different set of instructions for you to follow. The pressure cookers and rice cookers are different from one another, so do not get confused about their operations.

2. More the Liquid, Better the Cooking

Whenever you plan on using a pressure cooker for cooking any of the dishes, you need to put water in the pot mandatorily. The more the water, the more will be the steam pressure inside it during the cooking process. With this process, the food will be cooked faster and properly. If the recipe does not state any particular amount of liquid usage, you must stick to use at least one cup of water for all items.

3. Put the flame on medium-high

At the time of using pressure cookers for cooking several meals, ensure that your heat supply is on medium-high once when the pressure has started to form within the pot. Medium flame is recommended as the cooking process is fast with pressure cooking, and high flame can lead to burning the meal.

4. Begin with Simple Recipes

Do not intend to be a master in pressure cooking at the very first trial. Though cooking is intimidating, you still need to control your urge and start simple. Choose recipes that are easy and quick to gain confidence. Once you build it, you can move to the next step with better and complex recipes.

5. Remember to clean

Make sure that you are cleaning the pressure cooker properly after every use as it will eventually prevent the food items from sticking onto the walls or floor of the pot. If you delay cleaning, then it might get difficult to do so later. Clean and dry all the parts of the pressure cooker after every use.

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Things Not to Do with Pressure Cookers

Here are some of the things that you should not do while cooking with pressure cookers:

1. Avoid opening the pressure cooker amidst cooking

The modern-day pressure cookers come with a steam seal that makes it impossible for the people to open it. But some of the older variants are available with the opening option, even in the middle of cooking. You do not have to do that as you would end up hurting yourself. The pressure is building within the pot, and sudden opening would burst out the steam. If you intend to open the cooker, then turn off the heat supply and release the pressure before doing so.

2. Do not release the pressure too early

Do not hurry while cooking specific dishes. If your recipe states a fixed pressure-cooking time, then wait for the time being. Control your urge and do not release the pressure too early that might interrupt the cooking process, and the dish might remain undercooked.

3. Do not overfill the cooker

Pressure cookers should not be filled completely to the mouth of the pot as it would result in clogging the steam-release valve. It would eventually hamper the cooking process of the pressure cooker.

4. Do not add ingredients without liquid

Prevent adding ingredients onto the pressure cookers without liquid in it. Pressure cookers operate by forming steam within the pot, and without an ample amount of liquid, it is not possible.


These are a few of the do’s and don’ts for the pressure cookers that will help you enhance your pressure-cooking experience. For better kitchen maintenance, you can also buy the best kitchen chimneys in India to absorb all the steam, moisture, oil, and other contents while cooking to help you keep your kitchen space clean for fresh cooking needs.



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