Choosing a floor for any property isn’t an easy choice. There are so many options available for the individual, and many hardly know the difference between each kind. There are few who don’t like to make an expensive choice because of budget. Moreover, several don’t have enough time to decide which is the best. Everything is understandable.

That is why this article is written as it will help you quite a lot. You will surely understand all the flooring options in the end and be able to decide which one is the best for home, office, or malls like Times Square Mall and Residencia.

Now everyone knows about the popular flooring types like hardwood, wood laminate, vinyl plank, ceramic tile, stone tile, or carpet tiles. But there are others too, like bamboo flooring, cork flooring, and wood-look-like tiles.

To make everything more understandable, we have made four sections:

  • Hardwood
  • Resilient
  • Tile

Each section includes a different kind of flooring. So, if you ever feel trouble differentiating in any kind, simply go through the page as it will take only a few minutes of yours.


Why not begin with the classics? Inwood flooring, there are mainly two categories, solid & engineered hardwood. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Just keep one thing in mind that no type has supremacy over another type. They are both just used for different purposes.

  • Solid hardwood: The reason it is popular among people is because of its durability, elegance, and warmth. If an individual keeps good care of them, they last for a long time. As solid wood is all-natural, it has to be glued or nailed to the subfloor. Now, if you are wondering, what’s subflooring? It is, in actuality, a rough surface underneath the finished floor. Mainly it is made of plywood or even concrete.
  • Engineered hardwood: It is a great option if you prefer the texture and look. The kind also required less maintenance. An individual can install this wood in multiple ways, like either using nails or glue for installation or by using technique caller click together flooring planks.


It is a kind that is gaining popularity pretty quickly in the flooring world. It is because the kind is not at all expensive, durable, and modern manufacturing methods have made them better than others.

The types included in resilient are:

  • Laminate Flooring: Laminate flooring is a great alternative to engineered hardwood. However, on the top with a photo layer instead of solid wood. The laminate flooring mainly has 3 or 4 layers. The base layer is made of high-density fiberboard. The middle one is the photorealistic image of stone, tile, or wood, and the last layer is plasticated to protect the entire piece from wear and tear.
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring: The product is the same as the above one as it mimics the look and feel of any tile. However, it is known as Vinyl Plank Flooring, so we will keep it that way and understand it accordingly. The flooring is made of plastic but not an ordinary one. The surface offers the best value of any of the types included in the list.
  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring: This type of flooring has been mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom since the second half of the 20th. It is a flexible material that comes in so many patterns and textures. There are few products that have the backing, and few haven’t depended on the manufacturer.


It is the type of flooring that is the oldest among all and, without a doubt, an interesting one. There are multiple types of tiles used for flooring. The ones that are the famous and common are:

  • Stone Tile Flooring: It is a type in which marble, sandstone, and granite are included. Each kind isn’t the same as it comes with multiple properties.
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring: The tile is made of baked clay. The tile is popular because of its beauty and the natural feel it gives. The most common example is Saltillo.
  • Porcelain Tile Flooring: Even though it is a type of ceramic, porcelain is made of refined clay. Also, it is baked at a higher temperature as compared to the ceramic. This simply means the tile will absorb less water that makes it crack resistant. However, these features make the tile an expensive one to buy.
  • Cement Tile Flooring: These are the tiles that are pretty famous in particular parts of the world and for many good reasons. Firstly, they look extremely beautiful. They come in multiple patterns and can be refinished if required.

Now that you have got the basic idea of multiple floorings, now is the right time to make your decision if planning to install a new floor in the property or constructing something new.


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