Gone are the days when air coolers were just one shape and size and were only required in remote areas. With the advancement of technology, some of the best air coolers in India are now giving tough competition to high-end air conditioners.

how to choose the right air cooler for your home

6 helpful tips to buy the best air cooler

1. Types of Air Cooler

The two types of air coolers are room cooler (or personal cooler for humid weather conditions) and desert cooler for hot and dry weather conditions. Rooms/personal coolers can cool rooms that are small or 200 sq. feet in size. They need to be kept inside the room and consume less water and energy.

Desert coolers, on the other hand, can be used for large spaces and be kept outside the room. They are larger in size for large rooms and crowds, fit for special events as they consume more energy. Both coolers are effective in reducing the temperature by 3-8 degrees in a room based on their environment.

2. Cooling Pads

Air coolers come with two types of cooling pads – honeycomb pads and Aspen wood wool pads. The function of cooling pads is to absorb water and make the airflow effectively through the pads to cool it. Honeycomb pads are known to be effective, durable, and low maintenance. It is made of composite materials and is 85% more efficient.

Made of wood shavings and synthetic fibres, Aspen cooling pads are cost-effective but are also high maintenance, only 75% efficient and require constant changing or upgrading. The constant changing of aspen cooling pads adds to your budget and defeats the purpose of being cost-effective.

3. Technology

Some of the best air coolers in India are in head-to-head competition with some of the best air conditioners in India. These modern high-end coolers are cost-effective, made from a durable material such as thermoplastic, and come with Wi-Fi.

These air coolers also come with an inverter option that lets you beat the heat even when the electricity is out. These modern-day air coolers do not rust or have water damage, which increases their durability. From sleek design to selecting fan speed to turbo ice-cooling and USB powered system air coolers are the new compact air conditioners.

4. Water Tank Capacity

The evaporating method used in air coolers (personal and desert) converts water into vapour for the temperature to drop. Needless to say, large capacity water tanks perform this task with more efficiency and keep the air cooler for longer periods of time.

Personal cooler water tanks are between 20L – 40L, while desert cooler water tanks are between 40L – 80L. Personal coolers use blowers for cooling, which may not be as effective in high temperatures, even for small rooms. For dry and hot climate conditions, larger water tank coolers are more efficient even for smaller rooms in high temperatures.

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5. Money and Energy

High-end air coolers come with a lot of new features without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of the best air conditioners in India are still not able to provide these standards of sophistication. Air coolers are not only cost-effective but since they use the air around to produce fresh air, they are also eco-friendly.

Air coolers consume less than 80% electricity as compared to air conditioners, and 30% more electricity than a ceiling fan. There are no high fluctuations in your electricity bills, and they provide almost the same cooling as an air conditioner without damaging the environment.

6. Air Flow

Last but not least, it is important to calculate CPM (number of air cycles per minute in a room) to gain maximum air cooling. Air coolers either have a fan used in big air coolers or a blower used in small air coolers. The fans function on low pressure, which can cool a room down much quicker, whereas blowers use high pressure, ideal for cooling small rooms.

Calculating the CPM will help you select the right size of the air cooler perfect for your room and weather conditions. The number of occupants in a room also affects the temperature, and a desert cooler could be the better choice.


Air coolers are low-maintenance, eco-friendly, deliver fresh air, and come with high-grade technology. They are an excellent long-term investment and can be serviced at home without any additional costs.

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