We all know the current drinking and bathing water conditions in India. We can never depend on tap water for our daily purposes like bathing, drinking, cleaning, and others to be met.

Moreover, now that Coronavirus is spreading like haywire in the entire world, we have to remain more cautious about hygiene, even in regard to the water that we use in our homes and offices.

how to clean ro water purifier filters

To know more about the best water purifiers that we use constantly at our home or office, we must know how to manage, clean, and sort them out whenever there is a need and do not let ourselves be a victim of contaminated water quality.

So, continue to read the points in this blog to gain the required information about the water that we use in our daily lives for the maintenance of the other electronics as well, for example, air purifiers, inverter, air coolers, etc.

1. Know when it is time to change the filter

Firstly, you should know that buying water purifiers for your home or offices is not a difficult task. The task which requires your immediate attention is actually the cleaning of the best water filters used in the water purifiers that we are talking about.

To begin with, know that these filters are not permanent. Ranging from 6 to 12 months, every person that is using the same water purifier needs to get the filter changed.

That happens mostly if the water is

  • Tasting foul
  • Smelling bad
  • Is changing color

There might be other similar situations that occur that indicate that it is time for you to start taking the correct measures to clean the water purifier filter.

This happens mainly because of the increasing count of the TDS in the standing water that you might also be using to cool and chill the water inside the best Refrigerator in India.

But eventually, you need to get rid of the increasing TDS count, lest it can be harmful to the betterment of human consumption.

2. Know about the basic steps of cleaning these water purifier filters at home

For starting this step, you first have to switch off your home’s main water supply. That is, of course, because when you want to get the filters cleaned, you do not want to be drenched in the water.

There might also be any water line that must be attached to the best water purifier that is used. So, you need to switch off this water line as well to avoid any episode of you getting drenched unnecessarily or messing the kitchen area.

Now, you have to empty the storage tank. This is a necessary step before taking out the filters which you are planning to clean.

Now, you have to get the entire system off the hinges of the RO. Or, the most modern ROs also have the facility for dismantling the filter pretty easily. It certainly depends on which kind of RO you are using at the moment.

When you have taken out the entire membrane associated with the best water filters, then you must check that the entire water quantity is drained out of the membrane. After that is said and done, you have to pour in the cleaning chemical.

These chemicals are often used to clean electronics like an air purifier, water purifier, and other similar products.

It is also to be kept in the “to do list” that these chemicals are often suggested by the trusted manufacturer these products at the time when you purchased them. Otherwise, more description on these cleaning chemicals is given in detail in the product’s buyer manual, most of the time.

There are, of course, different cleaners available in the market. Some are the generic ones, and others are the most expensive ones. Buy the most useful cleaner that can help you tackle the current water purifier filter cleaner.

When you have used the chemical on the membrane, you have to clean it with water before putting it back into the RO system you have installed.

Also, make sure to dispose of the chemical cleaner you have used already. After connecting the valves back again to the RO and the membrane, you can again, start the power of the water supply and check the water smell/quality from thereon to see significant changes.

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3. Call home the professionals

It may so happen that you are currently unable to clean the RO water filters, especially when any water filter is also attached inside one of the best refrigerators in India. Then the entire step becomes cumbersome to follow.

Moreover, if you have a smart RO or smart Refrigerator, under the entire technology might be more difficult before getting down to the cleaning steps for the filter.

Therefore, it is always best to call the professional RO cleaning services that can be easily accessed within a single call and negotiable quotes.

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