Despite rising temperatures, it becomes extremely impossible to stay calm and comfortable in the summers. Although air conditioners are needed for the hour, numerous households still have the best air coolers in India.

how to improve air cooler performance

Benefits of air cooler over air conditioners

Air coolers showcase a lot of positive reasons to choose them over air conditioners. Besides being climate-conscious, air coolers are undoubtedly low-priced and inexpensive to use compared to best air conditioners in India.

The air-cooler mechanism has significantly improved over the last few years, whereas the size of the air-coolers has decreased considerably. The basic principle of evaporator cooling has remained unchanged.

The principle behind air evaporative cooling method

The evaporative cooling concept is to take hot air inside and flow through the damp wood fiber or honeycomb mats of the air-hotter to keep it cool.

But now that you’ve converted the basics of the air-coolers, follow these basic tips to make sure your air-cooler performs more effectively in these awful, summer months.

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Tips to improve the performance of your direct evaporative Cooler

Make sure the flow of the surrounding atmosphere

In contrast to best air conditioners in India,  the air coolers perform appropriately in ventilated areas. Even though air coolers cool down dry, hot air by blowing through cooling fins that have already been submerged in water, using an air cooler in such a shuttered area will cause moisture to accumulate.

A smooth flow of air is, therefore required to operate the device efficiently.

By putting the evaporative cooler at the front of the window or door, you can achieve higher cooling. As the hotter air inflow will lead to faster evaporation and, as a result, cooler air is blown out from the fan.

The key to effective cooling is proper ventilation in the room

In contrast to air-conditioners, air-coolers perform nicely in a place that is adequately ventilated. Continuous airflow is necessary for air coolers to cool appropriately. Besides, strong ventilation is also needed to force the humidity out of the room.

consider placing your cooler at the front of the window

Again, because we know that air-coolers operate on the theory of evaporative cooling, the hotter the hot air becomes, the quicker the evaporation, and the colder the room. Once you set the cooler at the front of the window, you can arrange the side door a bit to improve the cooling.

Bring a chill pill to witness some amazing cooling
By and wide, after loading their water tank, we use air coolers. But introducing some ice to the water can make you wonder if it’s cooling. A few coolers come with devoted ice chambers these days. As you add ice to the water, the pads become cold, resulting in cooler air.

Ensure that the air cooler is cleaned before use

Once you’ve unwrapped the cooler for this summer, the first and main priority you should do is to wash the cooling pads. In the meantime, spores and pollen have gathered. If they’re in a horrible condition, it’s better to replace them. Second, you need to clean the water tank and make sure it has no leakages. 

Handle to expect long-term cooling with care

Putting air-coolers on irregular platforms, pulling air-coolers while on, and interference with rotating blades, can be dangerous and lead to rapid air-cooler wear. It’s always wise to take care of them to appreciate cooling in the long run.

Saturation of the cooling pads before using it

Make sure immediate cooling by allowing the pump to run while you’re filling the water tank. When the pump passes across the cooling plates, it should be saturated in advance. When the tank is full, you can switch the fan on to perceive the cooler air.


Indian summer temperatures can be very extreme, with temperatures exceeding as 45 ° Celsius in some areas of India. Here, most people are using the best air coolers in India to avoid heat.These devices are cost-effective and have perfect ventilation for Indian families that appear to have large windows and wide-open spaces. Besides these tips, you can even do small stuff like shutting down the sheets and switching off the high beams to keep the temperature out of the room. Install the cooler in the correct order to monitor its efficacy.

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