Over the years, we have taken electricity for granted. With the invention of appliances and electronics, the consumption of electricity has increased. When we save and preserve electricity, we inadvertently save money.

how to save power consumption in refrigerator

You can use energy efficient appliances and electronics, be it your ovens, water purifiers, refrigerators, etc. to save both energy and money. There are a lot of articles on how to be more energy efficient on the internet that you can read up and apply in your daily lives. Believe it or not, but one of the heaviest consumption type product is a refrigerator.

Given below are a few tips and tricks on how you can make your refrigerator more energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Model – Fridges are graded by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE rating. The best refrigerators in India have a star sticker placed on the left side top corner of the fridge that shows the rating and other details about the model. A 5-star rating means the fridge model is highly energy efficient as it consumes 15 percent less energy as compared to a 4 star rated unit and so on.

Placing your fridge right – Move your fridge away from all heat sources like microwave oven, dishwasher or heat vent. Don’t place it near a window too. All this extra heat will cause it to run more frequently, which will wear out the fridge sooner and increase your utility bill. 

Keep your fridge in order – Organising all foods and other groceries neatly will cut down on the amount of time the door of the fridge and freezer are open. Alternatively, you could create an inventory list of what is kept in the freezer. 

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Close the containers – Keeping open jars and vessels inside the fridge, makes the compressor work harder because it increases the internal moisture levels. It also increases the risk of contaminating the food. Teach everyone at home to close the containers before placing them in the fridge.

Keep your fridge packed – A good thumb rule is to keep the fridge three quarters full. Doing so ensures that it takes less work to maintain the temperature. Remember, it shouldn’t be bursting with food nor be completely empty.

Air Flow – Check the space between the wall and the chiller. If it is too near, due to the circulation of hot air, the area between the chiller and the wall will quickly heat up. There has to be adequate space between the wall and the chiller. Please note that warmer air expands. Hot air requires enough space to evaporate. If the air-flow reduces, the pressure will increase. Once the pressure reaches an alarming level, the high/low switch will trip.

Refrigerator Door Seal – A good test to check the fridge’s gasket is to place a rupee note or a piece of paper and close the door. If you are able to easily pull out the note or piece of paper, then it means that the gasket needs replacing or adjusting. This will help prevent cold air from escaping.

Water Quality – Quality of water used to make ice cubes, etc. can also affect the performance of the best refrigerators in India. Leading a hygienic life is of extreme importance. Water is an integral part of our body. The amount of water present in an adult body is around 50-75 percent. If we use contaminated water, either for washing, drinking, or cleaning purposes, it leads to an increase in diseases in our body. Therefore, using a water purifier ensures the elimination of bacteria and other contamination. 

Health of Condenser – From time to time, monitor if any blockages build up in your chiller’s condenser. Pressure builds if too much hot air flows through the condenser. In such a scenario, the high/low switch gets activated. Often, scaling is ignored. This is quite thin and seems irrelevant, but is one of the causes of performance reduction. Condenser tubes should be cleaned from time to time, either using chemicals or by hand. The water level in the condenser should also be maintained. 

Don’t store anything atop your refrigerator – Placing anything atop your fridge like bottles, medicines, etc. will block heat from escaping, and cause the compressor to work harder. This will impact both the electricity bill and the life of the fridge.

Know your temperature settings – A temperature setting of 37 degrees Fahrenheit inside the fridge, and 0 degrees in the freezer is an ideal setting that will keep you from spending huge amounts on electric bills.

Switch off the Ice Maker – The automatic ice maker surges a refrigerator’s energy use by 14-20 percent. Not all the fridges have this feature, but if you have it, then think about turning it off and using ice cube trays instead.

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