In an ideal world, we would all have a professional designer at our disposal to create a comfortable, luxurious atmosphere. Unfortunately, reality bites people, and our wallets get exhausted. Fortunately, there is a way to get a high-end personalized look without spending a lot. With some simple adjustments and strategic styling techniques, you can create a space that feels regal on a small budget.

How Your Home Can Look Expensive on Budget

Whether you want to clean up the house to sell it or make some new upgrades to the living space, you will get excellent results. Here are some cheap ways to make your home look more expensive.

Crown molding

Details are essential when decorating a home for an exclusive and personalized look. In this case, the details are called crown molding. The shape of the crown can make the room look perfect or complete. The ceiling and walls are joined to make it elegant. Without such a finish, space may look cheap or unfinished.

Fortunately, crown moldings are relatively inexpensive (especially the paintable version of the plastic) and purchased on any budget. There are many options to choose from, but if you need more impact, choose the one that your budget allows. For maximum glamour, add all kinds of decorative molding to your home, including crowns, ceiling beams, columns, high baseboards, round ceiling ornaments, and chair railings.

Freshen it up with flowers

You do not need a mega-arrangement (affecting your wallet) to add luxury to your space. A simple, cheap bouquet from the grocery store can add sophistication. Besides, how to arrange flowers and vases is everything. First, divide the scents according to the type of stems, and then make some small arrangements to spread them in the house. The dent in the wallet is minimal, but the impression of your home is enormous.

Window treatments – A must-have accessory

Houses without windows look inexpensive and unfinished. Fortunately, window treatment is one of the cheapest ways to add a touch of elegance to your home and much-needed privacy. When picking a window treatment, you need to make a wise choice. For example, choosing unlined and fragile materials looks pretty cheap, even if they are the most affordable options.

We recommend avoiding the use of transparent materials. It does not mean that you cannot buy off-the-rack curtains. Many chain stores offer lined curtains. Even though the price is right, they look expensive and elegant. When it comes to window treatments, stick to refined materials such as natural silk, linen, and cotton (polyester and artificial fibers usually look cheap). If you do not like curtains, please try bamboo curtains or wooden blinds.


Clutter and mess are un-chic. Having lots of bookshelves and mantels is one thing, but too many seem to be cheap and cluttered. After organizing your accessories, modify all the objects you collect in different collections with an elevated and classic look. If you do not know where to start, set simple, doable goals for maintaining and organizing your home. You will also feel better about it physically and mentally.

Pillows – add comfort and elegance

The pillows throughout the house serve two purposes. Once you choose the right one, they can increase the elegance. Secondly, they provide some extra sofa comfort for your guests and provide a sense of coziness and layering to your room. The comfort aspect is self-evident. In other words, if the pillow you choose is large and soft, enough to rest. Speaking of the size, you want to avoid using standard 12-18 inch pillows. Instead, choose a larger one, such as a 22-inch cushion cover stuffed with a 24-inch cushion. Large, overstuffed pillows create a very luxurious, elegant appearance.

Mix up your textiles

Cushions, sofas, chairs, and curtains are of the same fabric and texture, which almost certainly make your space fall flat. Swap out boring throw pillows for various sizes and textures to easily add dimension. If you do not like colours, add a slightly different hue than the existing neutral colors to make the space more vibrant. If you cannot choose a brighter palette, try using dusty pink, light mustard, or soft lilac.

Give new life to old artwork.

There may be many old artworks that do not fit your style if you are like us. Use paints and handicrafts to give new life to these works. Cheap spray paint cans help update old frames, but the artwork itself can be more creative. Try to draw simple abstract shapes (you can also cheat with painter’s tape) or use your craft supplies to unleash your creativity.

Add a touch of tile.

The attractive tile design complements the kitchen and bathroom. If you want to cover a large area, always choose affordable and elegant subway tiles. Or, if you’re going to cover fewer square feet, you can consider applying a more personalized look to your handmade tiles. Experiment with different tile layouts to see how they best reflect your style.

Refresh the doors

Paint the door (internal or external) to add personality and drama. You may be surprised that such a simple change can severely impact the mood in your house. It does not take a lot of material or time, so you can repaint it as many times as you want to change its look completely.

Fake Built-Ins

Fake a custom appearance and use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to add architectural details to the cookie-cutter room. Most furniture chains have moderately priced off-the-shelf bookshelves that can customize specific spaces. You can use wood tones to add warmth and drama or stick to classic white to give a fresh look.

Furniture can be affordable.

Many people don’t think that buying expensive sofas is not within your budget, but buying cheaper furniture may end up costing you more. They are inexpensive and not well assembled. In other words, they will fall apart faster. If you want to put elegant furniture in your home, please check secondhand dealers, consignment shops, and real estate agents to get quality furniture at a more affordable price. You may need to reupholster the furniture to suit your decor. The savings on the table still enables you room in the budget to get the things reupholstered, giving you an expensive designer look at a small part of the cost.

But, why is everyone turning to Revit? Many firms use a hybrid approach with AutoCAD software and Revit software to work on their renovation projects. Why not just do all the work in Revit software? After all, major renovation work can be done in Revit. By performing all the work in Revit software, you can improve productivity while collaborating better with your colleagues and maintain company standards. 


As you have learned, there are numerous ways to make your home look stylish within your budget. Choosing the right paint colour, avoiding low-priced inferior products, and shopping wisely are the best techniques to create high-end designs. Take the time to plan each part of your home and consider the savings you can make by shopping at consignment stores and even flea markets. Even if you are on a tight budget, you might be surprised at how second hand stores can give your home an elegant look.


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