Induction Cooktops are the modern revolution for reducing the cooking hassle in the kitchens. But there is a strong dilemma about the electric and gas cooktops being efficient enough for the use.

People still have a questionable doubt in their minds about upgrading their cooktops from gas or electric to the best induction cooktops in India.

All three are efficient in their functionalities, and you need to choose the ideal one that meets your needs and requirements.

The cooking capabilities of all three cooktops are different from one another, and that is what makes them all special in their field of expertise.

In this article, you will know about some of the impactful differences between gas cooktops, electric cooktops, and induction cooktops. It will help you bid farewell to your confusion and buy the best.

induction vs gas vs electric cooktops

Cooking Efficiency & Features of Gas Stoves or Cooktops

Indian households are very much attached to the traditional form of cooking. Therefore, they usually prefer to look for the best gas stove brands in India to meet their cooking needs. There is no drawback to it. But, are the gas stoves still the most efficient form of cooking?

Some features do make it stand out amongst others, while some factors do indicate that a modern solution would be a better remedy.

The Indian people highly prefer gas stoves because of their flexibility in a diverse cooking atmosphere. When you get the belief of cooking almost everything on gas stoves, it is evident you would blindly go for it.

Gas stoves offer superior control over the heat transferred to the utensils for cooking the food. This adjacent control measure of heat allows the cooking much easier, and this kitchen appliance lasts for a long time.

In accordance with that, the gas stoves are also quite expensive as you need to buy the cylinders separately.

Moreover, gas stoves of top brands come with mesmerizing design and style that adds to its price tag. Certain precautionary measures are taken while using the gas stoves frequently for cooking to avoid gas leaks and other accidents.

Along with all the other productive benefits, the gas stoves are available at different rates. You can go for multiple burner gas stoves to make cooking faster and more efficient.

The best part of using gas stoves is that power cuts are not going to bother your cooking needs. You can use almost all types of utensils on the gas stoves without any restriction for seamless cooking. The size of the utensil will decide the time required for the cooking.

The ratio of power cuts is high in India, for which people prefer two types of cooktops in their kitchen. So, if you are a gas stove fan, do consider the other options as well because Indian kitchens suffer from emergencies more often.

Cooking Efficiency & Features of Electric Stoves

The electric stove is not a recent innovation as a variant of it exists for 120 years from now. The electrical energy conversion to heat energy is a popular way of availing cooking solutions.

Instead of natural gas, this form is quite a better remedy to cut down the cost of the family spent on cooking. This is an alternative to gas stoves, and the latest models are also consuming less energy compared to the previous models to help you save from that aspect.

The electrical cooktops of the present era are not only efficient but are also elegant in design and style. They are portable and can be carried anywhere along with you with just a plug & cook feature. This is probably one feature that the gas stoves can never offer you.

Moreover, if your kitchen space is less, gas stoves are not ideal for you. Prefer electric stoves to keep enough space for other kitchen essentials.

Just like gas stoves, there are some cons in electric cooktops as well. You do not get any kind of heat controlling options in it.

As the power cuts are common in India, people cannot completely rely on electric stoves and pair it up with gas stoves in your kitchen if the space permits. This will allow you to switch your cooking mode to a gas stove in case of a power cut.

Apart from these minor loopholes, the electric cooktops do not catch fire and do not use inflammable gas for the purpose. They are comparatively easy to clean & maintain without much hassle. It has a flat base that makes it ideal for different types of utensils to sit on it without the chance of tripping.

In addition to that, it also releases less heat than the gas stoves, which is a plus point for the electric cooktops.

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Cooking Efficiency & Features of Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops are the modern revolution of the kitchen appliances that helps seamless cooking. In addition to that, the speed of cooking over induction cooktops is highly commendable. Some of the best induction cooktops in India also guarantee you to boil water within 90 seconds.

Yes, you read it right! They are energy efficient, fast, and has several control options to regulate the heat for advanced level cooking and even better than gas stoves.

Amongst all the interesting features of induction cooktops, the best one is that it does not heat the entire stove for cooking purposes. It just transfers the heat onto the utensil directly to keep the surface of the cooktop cold.

Get rid of sweating and hot kitchen premises with the use of induction cooktops. They save a lot of energy and also reduces your need for gas cylinders.

In comparison with gas and electric stoves, the induction cooktops are much safer with its automotive features. You can set timers as per your cooking needs, and the cooktop will stop the heat supply right when the timer reaches Zero.

Apart from that, you do not have to manually turn off the cooktop as it has the sensors to turn off the heat supply when you lift the utensil off the coil.

As the electric stoves lacked controls that made it a little less preferable over gas stoves, the induction cooktops came with a lot of controls for different cooking needs. This makes it a perfect replacement for gas stoves.

Even though the features are endless, but the induction cooktops also come with certain limitations. You cannot use the utensils of all sizes, and there is a specific set of induction cookware that is supposed to use for cooking with induction cooktops.

This is not that big a deal as compared to the money-saving that it offers. The price tag of the induction cooktops is higher than gas stoves and electric cooktops, but it is worth the value.


These are the major differences amongst the gas stoves, electric cooktop, and induction cooktop. Depending upon your budget and needs, you can go for either one of them. Some people also look for buying best microwave ovens in India to pair it up with all other cooking appliances in your kitchen for efficient cooking outputs.

Now, you can cook delicious food anytime, irrespective of your electricity hassles. People prefer to keep both gas stoves and induction cooktops to deal with the power cut hassles.

So, make your choice wisely by comparing all the differences mentioned above.



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