When you live in a small apartment or home, fitting in everything might seem to be a challenge. To add to the woes, trying to fit in everything and still making it look appealing may be a bigger challenge ahead but that’s exactly what makes the entire process of small house interior design so much fun. There is nothing more value-driven and purposeful than small house interior design ideas such as a prefab home extension, customizing storage, fold-out furniture, and more. Whether you want to get more out of a small room in your home or live in a studio apartment, you can explore some small home interior design ideas to get things started.

Small House Interior Design Ideas

Expandable furniture

A relatively revolutionary concept in the world of small home interior design ideas and prefab homes extensions is expandable furniture. You can try out expandable furniture to make efficient use of available space, irrespective of your lifestyle. For instance, you may double up the living room in a small home with a foldable sofa-cum-bed as the bedroom at night. Alternatively, you may fold the beds up against the wall when they are not in use to leave the floor space free for other things during the day. 

You can even try out stackable chairs that are ideal when you have unexpected guests at your home. They can be hung up on the wall or folded away when they are not required. You may also try pulling up the folding dining table’s extra leaves when you have some friends, relatives, or colleagues at home to create additional space. The dining table at your prefab homes extension can be designed to fold up against the wall when not required, you may also utilize it as your office table.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors have something about them that can help you increase the illusion of space. You can use mirrors in your prefab home extension or home interiors to your advantage. You may opt for adding visual depth to your bedroom by adding mirrors to the wardrobe shutters. Conversely, you can try out large wall-to-wall mirrors in a small bathroom to make it appear larger. If this is not all, you may even try out the idea of adding mirrors in the living space or foyer to make it more spacious than it originally is. However, it is important for you to position the mirrors in a way that they don’t reflect something you will like to hide but something pleasant.

Customize Storage

In a compact home, storage is always going to be a problem and you will need to deal with it positively and smartly as early as possible. There may be a possibility when the cabinet space or wardrobe at your home is not big enough to accommodate all your belongings even after you have decluttered them. Now comes the solution¬† – you can utilize every single inch of available space and customize storage whenever and wherever possible without giving your home a cramped look. For this, you may try out a concealed storage cabinet behind paintings at home. You may try out simple open shelves with black metal frames that are stylish and don’t give you a feeling of the space closed-in.

You can even try out utilizing the space below the staircase in your prefab home extension that is usually unused or under-utilized. For this, you may try out creating custom-made shelves and drawers that can be used to properly utilize every bit of space to store your tools, footwear, and other things. You can even explore the thought of making use of space-saving accessories such as magic corners in the kitchen. This will help you fully utilize even your hard-to-reach corners for storage.

Large Windows

It is important to allow the fluidity of your space to show up stunningly while the decor is kept to the minimum in a small space. And you can get things started the right way by replacing the small windows at your home with large French windows. This small home interior design idea will make the room feel and look spacious while bringing nature in. Don’t even think twice, just go for it.

Create a Mezzanine

You may try considering a mezzanine or cosy loft to squeeze out more utility from the limited available space if the room has sufficient height. For this, you can use the loft for storage or a library or as your study area.

Compact homes can surely be made to look functional and spacious with a little ingenuity and some great small home interior design ideas.

Use Light Colors

Dark colors tend to constrict a space and make it appear smaller. If the space you have to start with is already small, it would make sense to try a lot of pastel and white shades in your furniture, furnishings, and wall colors. You can manage to strike a sense of harmony, balance, and serenity by keeping the color combinations minimalistic. How about working with a nice basic color palette of grey, white, and black or adding some more punch with a variety of patterns or textures?


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