All three house appliances seem to do the same functions by converting the solid form of food into other states. Even though they perform similar functions, it does not mean that you can use one as an alternative for the other.

The blender, food processor, and juicer are different from one another in various terms. There is individual strength for each one of the three-kitchen appliance, and one common benefit of all is that it saves a lot of time.

In this article, you will know about the benefits of buying the best blender, food processor, and juicer in India.

juicer vs blender vs food processor

Working Process of a Juicer

The best juicers in India come from the top brands and reputed sellers. You need to find the ideal one for yourself to ensure that you get some quick juices. There are certain categories that divide the type of juicers, which include centrifugal & masticating.

For more clarity, it is also known as cold-press or slow-press juicer types.

There are both manual as well as electric juicers that gives a complete diet plan for your fiber, vitamin, and mineral needs. But manuals are outdated today, and the electric juicers are taking all the hype.

Many top brands are now developing juicers with intuitive features to ensure that people get the best drink for their diet.

These juicers are made for shredding the fruits and vegetables by combining the process of pressing and crushing to extract the juice by breaking the robust fruit or vegetable wall.

Almost all centrifugal juicers usually adapt to this methodology. But for more precise juicing needs out of the green herbs and leafy vegetables, the masticating juicers are a better option. They are undoubtedly expensive than centrifugal juicers.

People can also consider best mixer grinders in India review to know which grinders consists of built-in juicers as well. Yes, some of the top brand mixer grinders are also meant to give you the benefits of a juicer.

So, check out the reviews and buy the best to meet your juicing needs.

Working Process of a Blender

The working process of a blender is much different than that of a juicer as they work with a narrow carafe for keeping the ingredients engaged. The blenders consist of high-power motor, sharp blade, robust body, and many other intuitive features.

If you are a fan of smoothies, then blenders are one of the best bets for you. The heavy liquid mixtures can be easily handled by the blenders. It eradicates the fiber and pulp contents for a smooth and thick smoothie. If you are filling the blender bowl with lots of liquid, then you would get a messy output, and you would not like it at all.

The juicers keep the fiber and pulp intact in the ingredients and demand more water to make the juice a light diet. But the blenders do not need much water to turn the solid form of the vegetables or fruits into liquid form. This is what makes the smoothie thick, and it stuffs you to stay energized throughout the day.

People usually consider buying a lot of home appliances at once, and they usually get confused between juicers and blenders.

Some of the top branded blenders also come with top placed motors for giving more power to the metal blade for holding the ingredients for efficient blending. Some of the immersion blenders are coming with the ability to work seamlessly with all types of containers.

If you have a big family that needs smoothie to keep themselves stuffed with nutritious drinks, then consider buying a blender over juicer.

But if your family needs immediate energy boosts and prefer to take a glass of juice every day with breakfast for maintaining a good immunity, juicers are quite a good deal. You can evidently go for both appliances as well because a change in taste and mood is always essential when it comes to liquid food.

On the other hand, consider buying the best water purifiers in India for home to ensure that pure water is blended or mixed onto your fruits or vegetables for juicing or blending. Pure and healthy water also plays a major role in extracting the nutrients of the ingredients. You cannot just go on making your smoothie with any tap water ensuring good health. A poor water source will also hamper the nutrient contents of the fruits or vegetables.

So, consider this as a healthy combo and prefer getting a water purifier for your house if you don’t have one.

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Working Process of a Food Processor

The appliance that assists you in the food cooking process is termed to be as the food processors. The food processors can attend all the cooking needs of the house.

There is a noticeable difference between the blenders and food processors that includes an array of changeable blades in food processors. This blade set-up makes it different from the blenders as the food processors can help perform multiple kitchen tasks for efficient cooking.

The food processors come with different bottle sizes, whether shorter or wider. The working process of the food processor does not need much liquid. The attachment or blades used in the food processor decides the function of it.

Different functions require different attachments, and it can help you chop and slice the vegetables and also grate cheese. Not only that, but the food processors can also help you in kneading doughs, mixing ingredients, grinding meat, seeds, nuts, and others.

The motor is quite powerful to make the operations more powerful. The blades are super-strong to break down the tough ingredients.

You just need to make sure that you are installing the right attachments for the defined use, such as a dough blade for kneading doughs and others.

When you compare the food processors with juicers and blenders, they are destined to give more precision in their work output. This is one of the best mincer or choppers for vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other dry ingredients.

Some of the common items that can be made easily with food processors are pie crust, pizza dough, shortbread, nut butter, and others.

The Food processors are not that good with the liquid mixtures as the blade setup does not allow the appliance to do the needful. Therefore, if you have a need to drink juice or smoothy, then get an appliance that does the needful. The food processors are way beyond that and can help you with not just one but many cooking works.


These are a few of the things that make the juicers, blenders, and food processors different from one another. They all have different functionalities and play a different role in the kitchen. You cannot choose one amongst the three if you have the need for all the three types of kitchen works.

If your family loves to take some juice with breakfast and smoothie after work, then you might need juicers and blenders both. Food processors are for the kitchen rulers to speed up their work process and ease the load of cooking.

So, if you are looking for some of the best juicers, blenders, and food processors in India, it is high time you start searching for it over the internet or offline stores.



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