Consuming fruits in any form is considered healthy. The juices or fruit drinks help people come out of several health hazards. Juicing, as well as blending, helps people consume fruits as per the healthy servings count.

Most people even today consider juicing & blending as similar functions for preparing fruit juice. But they both are different from one another. Some best mixer grinders in India are also favorably used as juicers but not all of the mixer variants are available with this feature. So, we stick to juicers or blenders.

In this article, you will know about some of the possible differences between Juicing & Blending and which is better in all aspects.

True Definition of Juicing & Blending

Juicing is the process of extracting the pulp from the liquid part of the fruit. As a result of this, the output is a thin liquid consisting of all the nutrients of the fruits, such as minerals, vitamins, and others. This determines healthy & positive effects on the body, and you will require a specific juicer for executing the juicing process.

Moreover, Blending is the process where the entire fruit or vegetable is used without the pulp’s extraction to make the output thick. The volume here is high than the juicing process. It is commonly called a smoothie, and you need to get a separate blending machine to do the needful. All the nutrients remain intact in the blended fruit or vegetable drink.

Juicing Vs. Blending: The Differences

Both are good at some point of use, and most people prefer buying the best juicers in India and blenders to satisfy their cravings. But to be practical, both have some pros and cons that will help state the one that is better amongst the two.

The Juicing process is all about taking concern for the nutrients present in the liquid. It has less fiber, so you won’t feel so full with a glass of juice as less liquid and thin. Moreover, in blending, the fiber quantity is high that slows down the nutrient-absorption. In addition to that, blending drinks are also good for the digestive health of people.

The juicing process is a bit too expensive as you need more fruits or vegetables for a required quantity of liquid. The portion size should always be small compared to the blended drinks, without which the sugar quantity will eventually increase.

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Perks & Negatives of Juicing Process

With Juicing results, the body absorbs the nutrients real fast and therefore is considered one of the healthiest intakes. The rapid nutrients such as vitamins or minerals are preferably taken at the immediate time when the body demands. This is one possible reason why juicing is preferred more commonly.

This juicing attribute becomes possible because the juices come with low-fiber as a result of which more energy is used for breaking down the nutrients in the body, and hence it gets absorbed. More nutrients in the juices ensure improved energy in the body and are widely prescribed even by the medical experts for regular intakes.

Moreover, Juicing also comes with certain negatives, apart from being only expensive. In the race of getting more nutrients to the body, people result in giving a hike to their blood sugar levels. This gives rise to other health hazards for people suffering from diabetes or other such problems.

Perks & Negatives of Blending

Blending is the remedy of Juicing’s negatives as it keeps the fiber intact in the blended juice and slows down the nutrient release. This eventually streamlines the nutrient flow in the bloodstream and prevents the rise of blood sugar levels.

Blenders can crush and grind almost all types of vegetables or fruits. Moreover, while blending, you can also add other ingredients as well to improve the taste of the drink such as oil, milk, nuts, and others. These drinks are also known as smoothies that usually can be preferred for breakfasts as it keeps you full for a long time without hunger calls.

Even though it is highly preferable, there are certain negatives in the blending process as well. As compared to the best juicers in India, the blenders give out fewer nutrients to their drink. Therefore, for health requirements, smoothies are not that preferable.

Some vegetable blending drinks might taste really bad after the process and eventually result in wastage of all ingredients. It happens mostly with carrots, beets, or potatoes as it becomes really hard to consume it after blending.


Juicing & Blending are both efficient in their arena. Both possess advantages as well as disadvantages. It is completely people’s choice whether they would like to have a glass of juice or smoothie. Buy the best juicers in India and to ensure more health, go with buying the best water purifiers in India from any of the online stores.



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