When we talk about countertops, well, they are indisputably the most pivotal components of any kitchen. Typically, it is a horizontal surface that’s primarily utilized for cutting and chopping foodstuffs. To throw additional light, these are often supported by cabinets on the sides. Plus, it is formulated with the consideration of positioning it an ergonomic height to comfort the user in performing a myriad of cookhouse activities. 

Today, there are many materials employed for fabricating these countertops based on characteristics of functionality, durability, and aesthetics-for example. If you wish to upgrade and accentuate the current appearance of your cookery, our kitchens Ghana countertops can surely assist. 

Which countertop material is the best?

Whilst, there may be several materials employed for manufacturing countertops, but the two of them that have been the part of headlines for years now are granite and marble.

Through this post, we’ll talk about these kitchen stone slabs-their benefits and other deets. Keep reading!

Marble Countertops

The luxury and elegance of marble are likely to impress anyone. According to experts, this kitchen stone slab is considered to be one of the most sought-after stones in this contemporary era. It’s just not the aesthetics that make marble highly kvelled, but due to the plethora of other benefits, it furnishes. A few of them are:

  • Amazing durability

After plowing your hard-earned money into grabbing something, you would at least expect it to last for a good duration. Fortunately, countertops made with marble won’t give you the bother of overhauling them persistently. Seeing these attributes of strength and beauty, most of the historical buildings employ this amazing material for their construction. 

  • Remains cool

Another facet of marble is that it preserves its coolness irrespective of the outside temperatures. Because of this, the bakers are rightly head over heels with this ingredient. They find marble as a consummate surface for rolling dough, pastries, and even ice cream.

  • Available in smorgasbord types

If you weren’t aware previously; marble is quite soft, which allows it to be readily cut in a smorgasbord of shapes and designs. Consequently, when you explore the market, coming across congregate of its styles is dime a dozen.

  • Heat-resistant

We already know by now that the marble surface remains quite cool making it an ultimate surface for preparing divergent foodstuffs. Alongside, being heat-resistant, if by chance you unintentionally place a piping hot pot or any other container on its surface, it’s highly likely that the slab won’t be ruined. But, try to avoid this practice as soon as you can.

  • Luxurious appearance

The marvelous aesthetics of marble is something that separates it from other natural stones. It is said that whosoever glances at its surface, covets to get it installed at their households.

Granite Countertops

If you intend to elevate the design of your cookhouse, perhaps, there is none other better way than getting granite countertops installed. Once again, its endowed beauty is certainly gonna attract you for sure. Here is a list of some of its other vital perks:

  • Resists bacteria and dirt

For your enlightenment, the surface of granite is non-porous. Hence, detrimental aggressors in the shape of bacteria and other irritants gaining entry are almost nil. What’s more, a sealant applied at the top of the surface further secures the things.

  • It doesn’t readily chip

Another stone that doesn’t frequently chip even if you keep blistering stuff on it. Granite is doubtlessly a pretty strong material. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll keep on repeating such mistakes. Inadvertently if it happens, the surface may be able to bear it. But, it’s something that you should necessarily ignore.

  • Chemicals-resistant

Granites are also widely acclaimed for their resistance to the effects of chemicals. An acid damaging its surface is highly unlikely. A word of caution: its repeated use can shoo away the sealer over time. As a result, you may have to invest your money in overhauling it.

  • Low-maintenance

The beauty of getting granite installed is that it won’t shell bucks out of your pocket frequently. Per aficionados, the surface at times can last for up to 10 years without any repairs required.


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