Even for a person who loves to do laundry very much, doing the laundry can be much irritating at times. While you will be having one of the best washing machines in India, you might still ponder on what to wash your clothes. There comes up the question as to which kind of a detergent to be used in your cloth washing.

Liquid vs Powder Detergent


The two main laundry detergents used in the top load washing machines and front load washing machines are the powders and liquids detergents. So is there really a difference between using both the detergents? Yes, indeed, it makes a remarkable difference.

So as you go through this blog, we list you with a few key comparisons of both of the detergents, thereby aiding you to decide which best fits for your needs.

Liquid detergents dissolve better

Compared to powder detergents, liquid detergents dissolve much easier without any lumps in any water temperature, be it cold, hot or warm. Powder detergents are always found to be exacting with the water temperatures. Some of the powder brands don’t dissolve in the water settings found commonly in the top load as well as front load washing machines. This makes it much more hectic as it takes much more laundry time as well creates chunks of undissolved detergent leaving behind a whitish residue on your clothes.

Powder detergent works better on mud-stains

Powder detergents are a great option for an athletic, garden or any outdoor attire, as it has the main surfactant alkyl benzene sulfonate present in it, which is highly effective in lifting mud and bloodstains. Whereas in liquid detergents, the surfactant present is alcohol ethoxylates, which expertise in breaking down grease and oil stains making, it a perfect choice for day-to-day chores.

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Liquid detergent more suitable for usage

Liquid detergent is a scale more convenient to use as it is much easier to pour out a small amount of liquid portion for washing than it is to scoop out a portion of powder detergent. And if you don’t find it easy in transferring the powder scoop into your best washing machine, then you might end up scattering it all over the place. Apart from that, liquid detergents are much more convenient as they are available in bottles with handles for easy transport along with a measurable twist-off cap. Whereas the powder detergent cardboard box seems to be heavy, making it uncomfortable for transport and also rips off easily when wet.

Powder detergents are slightly low-priced

With the lack of liquid and the lightweight cardboard boxes used for packing the powder, detergents make it much cheaper compared to the liquid detergents. And since the liquid detergents consist of water and as it is sold out in plastic bottles, it tends to be much expensive compared to powder detergents.

Powders are more stable

Powder detergents tend to have a longer shelf life when compared to liquid detergents, thereby retaining their cleaning power. So in case if you are looking to buy in bulk for a longer time, then powder detergent would be a better choice.


Liquid detergent better for stain pre-treatment

Liquid detergent can be used for pre-treating water-based stains mostly caused by coffee and so on. However, powder detergents are found to be less convenient wherein you will first have to mix the powder with water, and make a paste out of it so as to apply it on the cloth’s stain.

Liquid detergent leaves no residue

Both the detergents have fillers dispensing active ingredients throughout the washing process. In the case of liquid detergent, the main filler is water; thereby, it dissolves completely for all the water temperatures leaving behind no residues at all. But for the powder detergent, the filler is sodium sulfate giving it a granular texture. Due to this, it dissolves less readily in cold water, thereby leaving a residue.

Liquid detergent is safer for machine use

Be it a top load washing machine or a front load washing machine, taking into account your machine’s health, using powder detergent which has the habit of less dissolving in cold water might clog your washing machine or septic system and cause a failure of functioning. So as the liquid detergents dissolve easily, it is much friendlier for the machine usages.

Deciding on which detergent is the right one for your washing machine is a vital part of the laundry process. Both the liquid as well as the powder detergents have their own pros and cons. So the bottom line whether to use powder or liquid detergent is to make use of whatever is easier and more convenient for us and mainly relies on one’s personal preference. According to my personal opinion, I would always prefer to use liquid detergents compared to the powder ones.

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