OTGs are smaller versions of the actual microwave ovens. They consist of heated coils to cook the food and requires less time to start the process. Moreover, a traditional microwave is an equipment that has very complex features and is one of the best modern cooking essentials for today. It uses microwaves to cook meals that are an even faster process of cooking or baking goods.

People are usually confused to decide on the right choice of buying whether an OTG or Microwave Oven. So, here are important factors that you must know for deciding on purchasing either OTG or Microwave.

microwave oven vs otg

Know All Your Options for Considerations

If you go out to buy the best microwave ovens in India, you probably get confused by the variants available in the market. Here is the complete breakdown of the different options you have to consider while deciding on buying whether OTGs or Microwave Ovens.

Grill Microwave Oven:

The grill microwave ovens are the different set of solo microwave type that has the heating coil equipped on the top part of the structure. As the name suggests, this microwave can be used efficiently for toasting, grilling, or roasting the food for bringing out the raw taste of it. The traditional and the best microwave ovens of India today are equipped with the combined mode of ‘Grill’ to make the oven complete. On buying these types of oven, you also get a rack meant for grilling that holds the fold close to the heating coil inside the oven. People can also go for some cheaper option by buying the best induction cooktops in India with grill efficient utensils to do the needful. But if you want perfection then Grill Microwave ovens are the leader here.

Solo Microwave Oven:

This type is the basic microwave that is meant for generating uniform heat for cooking small food quantities. This is the only mechanism followed by these basic microwave ovens that are used for reheating, cooking, or defrosting food items. But the thing that you need to keep in mind is that these basic models are cheap but do not have any additional baking, grilling, or roasting features. So, if you want to prefer a starter oven for your basic cooking needs, this type is ideal.

Convection Microwave Oven:

Convection Microwave Ovens are embedded with two types of technologies within. These technologies include convection oven features and regular oven features. These are one of the most selling and best microwave ovens in India that offers multiple features for baking and cooking items. The heating element inside these ovens circulates the microwaves uniformly to bring out the best taste of the food item.


OTG is also known as Oven Toaster Griller. It is the last of all your options that bring in all the confusion. This is a smaller version but equally impactful in offering grilling, baking, and other features in a single appliance. It can also help you reheat your food items or keep them a warm fright before having it. The heating element present in OTG ovens converts the electric energy into heat energy to pick up temperatures. Moreover, the OTGs also have options to switch to either one coil mode or dual coil mode for efficient cooking or baking needs.

Difference Between Microwave Ovens & OTGs

Both OTG and Microwave Ovens are best at their functions but when it comes to comparison here are some points that might help you choose better amongst the two:

  • OTG is a considerably better option if you are looking for ovens for your baking needs. But they are not feasible like the microwave ovens for heating or de-freezing the food items.
  • OTG ovens do not come with fans for uniform heating as they do it by adjusting the current on temperature measurement done by the thermostat in it. The microwaves, such as convection ones, come with fans that are more feasible for heat distribution.
  • When you compare the speed, the OTG ovens take around 15 minutes of pre-heating before the cooking process can begin. The traditional microwave ovens take only 5 minutes for the same.
  • With Microwave ovens, you get varieties to choose from, such as convection, grill, and basic version. Meanwhile, OTGs are available in a single variant meant for dedicated baking solutions.

This explains the efficacy of Microwave ovens over OTGs in many ways. But still, the OTGs are considerably preferred for the people who want a small appliance dedicated to grill, bake, or roast items. But if you want a multi-purpose oven, then go for buying the best microwave ovens in India to make cooking or baking more convenient.


Both OTG, as well as microwave ovens, are efficient in their own ways. If you have heavy baking needs and have enough space in your kitchen, buy two ovens, OTG, and microwave ovens separately. Just like that you can also go for the best kitchen chimneys in India to make your kitchen complete and modern.



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