If you have to spend 21-35 percent of your life in a workplace, it should have a comfortable environment that allows you to spend an entire day with ease. The management should set up an office environment that enhances the functionality of you and your co-workers. The office should be the place where you can work efficiently and where workers can relax and enjoy.

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Having the right office furniture can have a long-lasting effect on the productivity of the average worker. The office furniture should provide efficiency and aesthetic value. If you plan to set up an office or renovate the old office, these are the 5 must-have furniture items for the office.

Why Choose the Right Furniture?

Picking the right furniture for your office can be a complicated process. It involves a lot of thought processes and considerations before picking the right furniture. The office furniture should be comfortable, long-lasting, stylish, and budget-friendly.   Pick the items keeping in mind the available budget, durability, and the space it takes up. The right office furniture can effectively improve the average productivity of your employees.

5 Must-Have Furniture Items For The Office

#1 Ergonomic Chairs

Most office workers spend most of the day sitting on their desks working on laptops and computers. The prolonged hours of sitting can affect your back and head, leading to an adverse effect on your productivity.

Therefore, pick a comfortable and adjustable chair that maintains proper posture and reduces back pain. The chair should have ergonomics, durability, and quality. It should provide lumbar support, a suitable headrest, an armrest that can bear your arm’s weight, and a comfortable seat with a waterfall front edge, to name a few.  

#2 Comfortable Desks

The office desk is by far the most important piece of office furniture. It holds your operating system like a laptop or computer and other accessories. Select an appropriate height and size for the desk. With spacious office desks, you can easily manage your stuff and rest your arms after completing the tasks.

There must be clearance between the desk and your knees. If the desk is too low, put some blocks under the desks. If the desk is high, then you can raise your chair. The draws should have enough space to hold the files. With the right size, style, and color of the desk, you can work without getting tired.  

#3 Filing Cabinets

The office always needs storage space. The storage units may store files, papers, stationery, or personal belongings of employees. Selecting smart storage units that don’t occupy a large space can give the office better functionality. 

The filing cabinets in the office should provide faster access to files; a well-labeled file cabinet can improve the file storage and retrieval system. These filing cabinets should be safe enough to protect the files and documents from fire or burglary.  

#4 Sofa Sets and Couches

If you have only chairs and desks in your sitting area, it can negatively impact your office life. It is better to have additional sofas and couches in your office space. Sofas in the office’s reception will provide an effective spot for your guests, clients, and visitors; comfortable sofa sets can give a good first impression.  

Your employees can take a few minutes to break and relax their back by reclining in a more comfortable chair. Sofas are perfect for relaxing and straightening the back before getting back to work. These sofa sets can act as a meeting point for office employees. It may enhance the bonding between employees, which can improve productivity at work. 

#5 Conference Room and Cafeteria Furniture

In every office, there is a conference room where official meetings take place. It will be a large room to hold most employees; you will need large tables and many chairs. You will also need a projector, TV, and microphones for interactivity purposes. 

Conference rooms are also the place where you arrange meetings with potential clients. The choice and quality of furniture in the conference room can make a  big difference. 

Office cafeteria can improve the work efficiency of your employees. It can save time for the office workers and also encourage them to eat lunch on time. You need some tables and chairs where the workers can dine comfortably.  


What happens if the desk is too high?

You may experience discomfort in your shoulders, elbow, or wrist. 

Should armrests be level with the desk?

It depends upon the need; the ideal position is that it should be level with your desk.  

How do I look at the computer screen?

Ideally, your eyes should be in line with the point that is 5-10 cm below the top edge of your monitor.   


In a post-COVID era, where working from home has become a new norm, attracting employees to come again to the office seems a difficult task. Employers are trying to make the office workplace as comfortable as possible to increase the employees’ productivity.

From layout designs to modern furniture to indoor games, anything to make your employees better and effective.  Your office’s aesthetics and level of comfortability of your employees can make a huge difference.    


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