The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has changed the world around us drastically. It has stirred the world of work in every possible way. With a new ray of hope replacing the odds, there has been a radical shift in the priority and concerns of the people as well as organizations. Today, the primary concern is safety, vigilance, and a positive ambience. Modern office furniture is now considered as one of the major elements with the power to enhance comfort and modify the work setting.

Modern office furniture

Here are 7 Office Trends of post-covid-19 that are influencing the work environment and making their way in the office culture:

1. Social interaction works as fuel

Though Covid-19 explained to us why and how social distancing is important and how it should be practised to stay away from the virus. The significance of social interaction is one thing that most of us have realized. 

Employers are accepting the fact that interaction, communication, and socialization can be one of the driving forces for sound mental and physical health. As employees plan to return to their office, the intricacies of social interaction are enhanced whilst giving equal attention to social distancing.

Open spaces are now welcomed as it gives one a feeling of spaciousness and infuses some great positivity. Since during pandemic most of the meetings were on Zoom call, the feel of formal set up was a major missing. Hence, companies are scouting office furniture stores for some creative and innovative office furniture such as modular conference tables with ergonomic features such as tilting, height adjustability, etc to optimally accommodate the team.

2. Redefining Personal Space

Personal space has been one of the major focuses of office settings for ages. The cubicles and partition-style furniture were commonly seen in many offices. However, the pandemic has raised the bar and made it imperative for offices to give utmost emphasis on the safety and distancing of employees.

The current office trends include higher walls that ensure better vision along with virus shielding materials such as a glass partition. 

Offices are now considering various online furniture stores to get a better idea about how to redefine the personal space of employees along with room for natural light and ventilation. The whole idea is to create a personalized space within the existing workplace without cluttering the premise. Sophisticated options such as clear or frosted acrylic screen options, freestanding screens, curved workstations, etc are given high preference. 

3. Biophilic Design For Employee

Pandemic has kept us in our dens for a long time now. The disconnection with the outer world has truly tested our patience and affected us dramatically. The latest office trends include bringing plants in the office set up, letting the sunlight lit up space, and introduce water features. These elements foster positivity and help one to connect with nature. It promotes employee well-being and rejuvenates the surrounding. 

4. Inviting office spaces

Post the pandemic the office spaces have witnessed a paradigm shift. The office meetings are now more welcoming and warmer. Companies are using the best possible media to create inviting spaces that are well-lit, contemporary, and stylish. Equal emphasis is given to technological tools such as video conferencing tools, projectors, sound arrangements, etc. 

The large group conference rooms are now replaced with a petit and sleek setup. Acoustic panels are used to stretch the spaces and create sealable meeting rooms.  A lot of research and thought are given while analyzing modern furniture stores and their product offering to invest in office furniture that can declutter, de-stress whilst creating an alluring setup.

5. Sustainable office furniture

Office furniture stores are ever-evolving and introducing green furniture designs that are sustainable, non-toxic, recyclable, and organic. The concept of going green has taken the front seat. Companies and offices are investing in office furniture that is sustainable and ecologically sound. Hardwood furniture is widely used and given strong preference as they are made from natural vegetation and can be recycled. 

6. Colourful and creative studios

Offices are no longer the same conventional types with extensive use of formal colours. The current office furniture trend suggests the strong incorporation of colour elements and hues to create attractive and captivating workspaces. Office furniture stores are striving to introduce creative office furniture that is vibrant, extravagant in various finishing options. 

7. Comfortable employee lounge

Employee comfort and relaxation are some of the greatest concerns of corporations. They exert to create spaces that are welcoming and promote wellness. Nap pods, acoustic hubs, zen gardens are some of the ways that can help employees to feel at ease and break their monotony.

Soft seating options, access to multiple locations to work, freedom to choose your workstation, mobility to work from any nook and corner of the office are some of the post-covid-19 incorporations.

The Endnote

Office furniture has undergone immense transformation. The comfort ideas have replaced age-old traditional office setups. Post-Covid the mental, physical and emotional health of employees has gained immense recognition and acceptance. To keep pace with changing trends in the furniture world, Office Furniture stores in India are rigorously taking efforts and following a more human centric approach to communicate the benefits of contemporary furniture and their correlation with productivity as well as creativity.


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