There are a lot of things that you don’t know when it comes to moving to a new house. The moving process creates one of the most emotionally overwhelming and mentally confusing situations.

Having an expert in the moving industry by your side is a great way to be relaxed and relocate like a pro. The professional house removals can facilitate you in understanding the loopholes in the moving process and will be there for you on every step involved.

But, you need to be sure of hiring a reliable moving company to avoid any fraudulent practices. So, the best way is to clear out all your queries beforehand. Here are some of the suggestions given below.

Avoid Bad Apples By Asking Forth-Given Questions From The Moving Company

1. Is Your Company Approved by AFRA or Not?

Going further into contracts with a non-AFRA-approved company is not at all sensible. So, your first question must be to ensure if the company is an Australia Furniture Removers Association-approved or not.

AFRA is an authorized body that is obliged to take the decisions of the removals industry and all the house removals must follow their instructions. For instance- CBD Movers hold the AFRA qualification and homeowners can totally rely on them.

Just like this, it is very crucial to know the accreditation before hiring a moving company in Australia or any part of the world.

2. Ask About Company’s Specialization and Area of Expertise

You cannot expect a specific service from a moving company without knowing their specialization. Finding out the area of expertise of the company will streamline the list of companies to be shortlisted for your requirements.

You can ask them about their specialization or simply check their customer testimonials online. Their customer reviews will tell you entire tales of the work done by them within the industry so far. So, always be curious to find out house movers’ performance report cards before shortlisting them for your work. One other way to know the true picture is to ask for references of their past work as well as the clients.

3. What is Their Prefered Way of Communication?

Can you ask any moving company for assistance if their communication is not strong enough? Well, we know your answer and that is why stating the importance of communication already! Ask them which medium of communication suits them the most and have their maximum availability. Get their email id, contact number, and exact location before deciding anything.

Make sure that their communication remains the same before and after the deal. Another important aspect is to get every commitment in writing. Going verbal is always risky in terms of moving and you should never get into any of such scenarios. Ask them to give you everything in writing from rates to a list of services offered.

4. Ask the Company About the Insurance

Never take the risk of availing the facilitation from a non-insured company. Now, the insurance has two aspects- one is their own insurance and another is liability & transit insurance.

Both insurances are important and you should never refrain from asking them for proof of insurance. If the company is insured then your belongings are free of risk at their warehouses while moving (just in case). At the same time, transit insurance ensures the safety of goods during transportation.

This is how your items are safe and sound during the entire relocation process. So, asking about the insurance and making sure the insurance is done is very important.

5. What Are the Included Services?

Not every company will provide you with everything you expect from a moving company. Therefore, it is always a great idea to get things clarified before rather than getting disappointed later on. Ask them their unique list of services offered and find out if it is according to your expectation or not.

Usually, there is loading & unloading, packing, storage, transportation, assembly & disassembly, and shipping. You can also ask them to include some extra services at every cost, like- cleaning services. So, stop assuming and start asking them their service inclusions.

6. Do Not Skimp on Asking About Time and Cost of Services

The cost of moving service relies on distinct factors, but the most important ones are- seasonality, hourly labor rates of the site, shipping distance (interstate or local), and shipment weight, etc. Other than these charges, there can be more specialty charges or hidden fees that should be discussed beforehand.

All these charges add to form a final cost. Once you get the final cost, the next step should be to know the time required for this process. They can tell you the estimated time with their experience and can give a specific date of the process completion in most cases. A reliable house moving company will be ready to take care of any potential delay scenario due to weather conditions, or vehicle issues.

Once you get the answers to all these questions, you can shortlist and eventually, hire the moving company for your requirements. But, do not skimp on any of the above-given questions and always seek a proper answer before reaching any conclusion. Having all the above detail ready with you will make your moving process hassle-free and less overwhelming. Happy moving!


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