Gas Stoves are existing in Indian kitchens for a long time, but now it’s evolving time, and people understand the efficacy of replacing the gas stoves with best Induction cooktops in India. But some people still believe in using the traditional gas stoves for their lifetime.

This article is for explaining them the practical reasons for which induction cooktops are used, preferably in the present era over the Gas Stoves.

Here are the reasons for which you must plan on switching your cooking mode from gas stoves to induction cooktops.

reasons for using an induction stove instead of a gas stove

Inclusion of Pre-set Menu Options

The best gas stoves in India are preferably good and modern for the kitchens, but they lack the pre-set menu in features. The pre-set menu in the induction cooktops makes the cooking work easy for most of the dishes. You need to just select the option according to your cooking needs, and there is no need to keep a constant eye on the cooking food as the induction cooktop will sense a particular time set by you and trip the heat supply.

If you want to boil water or milk, there is a different pre-set menu for it. When you press it, the timing and the temperature required for boiling the needful automatically sets to save you time and effort.

Faster Cooking Option

Gas Stoves served the families for a long era, but now faster options are available. The induction cooktops transfer the heat from the coil to the cookware without heating the surface first. This intends to give you faster cooking results.

As per the reviews, the water boils around 50% faster with induction cooktops than gas stoves. This makes cooking faster and reduces your overall cooking effort and time you spend in the kitchen. Cooking rice over the induction cooktop is also faster as compared to gas stoves that will not only save your time but are also helping you economically. You will consume less electricity and also save your gas.

Less Cleaning Hassle

The induction cooktops have glass tops that make it easy for cleaning without rubbing or scrubbing the surfaces much. The spilled food that falls on the induction cooktops can be easily cleaned with mere water and cleaning cloth.

In comparison to the gas stoves, this is much easy as gas stoves with spilled foods are a mess. The cooling time of the induction cooktop is also less that makes it possible for you to immediately clean the glass top right after cooking is done.

People either prefer buying induction cooktops or the best microwave ovens in India to get rid of the cleaning hassle of the gas stoves. These kitchen appliances are modern and are easy to clean.

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Food Tends to Be More Delicious

The food cooked with induction cooktops is considerably more delicious compared to the food cooked in the gas stoves. The temperature control is more precise with induction cooktops that helps you bring out consistent results in your cooking. This feature prevents you from getting your food undercooked or overcooked.

As a result, you would eventually get tasty results all the time without any taste variation. If you do not believe this fact, then try cooking the same item in the gas stove and induction cooktop side by side and then ask your family members or friends to tell you the taste difference.

Safer Cooking Practice

If you are learning how to cook over Gas stoves, there is a high chance you will end up getting blisters or burn injuries. Gas stoves are not meant for rookies, and you need to understand that. The induction cooktops are comparatively safer as it remains cool before or after the cooking process is done, and you do not need to handle the cookware multiple times in the middle of cooking. There is no much heat generation in the induction cooktops that makes it easy for cooking practices.

Moreover, the electromagnetic induction technique used in the induction cooktop makes it a safer remedy for cooking needs. It is in all terms better than the conversion of chemical LPG gas.

Occupies Less Space and is Light in Weight

The final reason for which the induction cooktops are better in all terms than traditional gas stove is the size and weight of it. The size of the induction cooktops is smaller as compared to the gas stoves, and you do not even need a separate place for storing any gas cylinders just like the gas stoves does.

Therefore, the space needed is less, and the weight is also less for easy storing and using.


These are a few of the reasons that you need to understand for knowing the importance of induction cooktops over gas stoves. Though gas stoves are still preferred widely for different reasons, it is high time to evolve and find energy-efficient ways to cook delicious foods faster.



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