With the best rice cookers in India picking up the pace, the people are getting even more confused to either go for multi-function pressure cookers or rice cookers of top brands for their cooking needs. There is a vast audience that is not at all sure about the difference between these two kitchen appliances. Do not get carried away by the look of the two appliances as they both seem very identical, but the functionalities are quite different.

In this article, you will get to know the detailed comparison between the best rice cookers and the best pressure cookers in India. With this, you would eventually be more evident about buying the right one for your cooking needs.

rice cookers vs pressure cookers comparison

Differences Between Rice Cookers & Pressure Cookers

Before you go ahead and check out the comparison between the two essentials of kitchen, you must spare a minute to read about the differences between them. You need to understand the role of individual appliances. So, the differences include:

  • Heating Source– The heating source of the rice cookers lies in the additional coil or pad that is available with the appliance on which the cooker is placed. The external heating coil or pad converts the water in the container into steam and cooks the rice making it soft and absolutely ready. The pressure cooker has a different operation as it is placed over a gas stove or heater for heating up the water present in the cooker. There is a sealed lid on the top that prevents the steam from escaping, that is the main process of cooking the rice within.
    Today, you would also find some electric pressure cookers serving the purpose that works in a similar way with just a changed heating source.
  • Applications– The rice cookers are meant for cooking only rice and a few other items by using the available attachments by the brand. The pressure cookers, on the other hand, are meant for cooking several items apart from only rice. You can use it for cooking meat, boil eggs, roast dishes, and many others. Rice cooker is primarily made for cooking rice, so no appliance can beat it in that field.

People usually prefer rice cookers to free up the gas stove and pressure cookers to cook something else when at the same time, the rice cooker will deal with rice cooking. So, it is a smart appliance that saves you a lot of time and effort.

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Comparison Between Pressure Cookers & Rice Cookers- Which is the Best?

First of all, you need to understand that the properties of both the appliances are somehow similar, and they use steam for cooking food. Some of the models look exactly similar where you get some electrical controls on the rice cookers, and the pressure cookers come with either electrical or stove types.

These are the only similarities they have other than which they differ in almost everything. The steam cooking method of the pressure cooker is done by using a rubber lining lid on the top to trap steam inside. Once the lid is locked, the rubber seal will not let the steam escape. Some of the models also come with pressure sensors to give an idea about the pressure level within.

The Rice cookers do not use this sealing method or pressure-cooking process. They have thermostats within along with a heating pad and cooking bowl. The heating power transmitted from below heats the rice as well as the liquid. Through the process of evaporation, the liquid turns into steam, and the rice soaks it up. After a while, you will find your rice cooked without any sign of liquid in the container.

The time of cooking rice is faster in the rice cookers as that of pressure cookers. It is evident as they are made for serving this purpose. So, pressure cookers are nowhere losing this comparison here.

As per the comparison is considered, if you are choosing an appliance for cooking rice only, then the rice cookers are unbeatable in it. But if you want a multi-function appliance that can help you to cook not only rice but also other dishes as well, then pressure cookers can be your best bet. You need to be calculative on your needs and requirements to buy the right appliance for your kitchen.


The rice cookers and pressure cookers, both are efficient in their own functions. There are no criteria to choose between them as rice cookers are specially made for cooking rice, whereas pressure cookers are used for cooking a lot of dishes. People also prefer to buy both the appliances for their kitchen to speed up all the cooking works. On the other hand, to complete your kitchen setup, you can also look for the best kitchen chimneys in India to keep your cooking space cleaner and tidier. Look for the best appliance, whether rice cookers or pressure cookers, to choose the ideal one.



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