With the new era of high-end water purifiers, you can drink completely healthy water that reduces the hunger quotient and helps you stay free from many water-borne diseases.

To avail the true perks, you need to buy the best water purifiers in India of the top brands that will help you keep your water free from certain bacteria, chemicals, synthetic contents, lead, and others. The water that is supplied directly to your house consists of all these impurities, and without an adequate purifier, simple boiling cannot eradicate them all.

Therefore, it is better to get a commendable water purifier for you and your family to drink pure water only.

The water filters are of three types, namely RO, UV, and UF. There is a big confusion about choosing the type of water purifiers that will meet your need.

In this article, you will know the details and differences of all the three types of water filters to help you choose the best amongst them.

ro vs uv vs uf water purifiers

Role of RO Water Purifier

RO or Reverse Osmosis water purifier operates with the help of electricity and has the ability to dissolve even the solid contents present in the water.

The best part about RO is that it consists of a prefiltration feature for cleaning the dirty water. This is the first stage of purification, after which the water purifier goes ahead and fights with the infection and bacteria. Finally, the water reaches the outlet stage.

The tap water does not have that boost to pass through all these stages on its own. Therefore, electricity is essential for boosting the pressure of tap water. You need to give a lot of water supply to the Reverse Osmosis water purifier for getting clean water to drink.

For instance, if you are giving in 3 liters water to the purifier, you will only get one-liter drinkable water, and rest 2 liters will be eliminated as dirty water.

This dirty water can be used for other household uses such as cleaning the house or floor mopping. There are many different brands of water purifiers that offer different features and efficiency in dealing with different types of water.

Some RO purifiers can also help transform the saline water into a drinkable condition. It is important for people to buy RO purifiers only if it can retain the natural minerals in it.

RO Purifiers also eliminates the TDS rating of water and converts it to an acceptable state for drinking. All the dangerous metals are also removed from the water using RO purifier, which makes it rich in minerals and healthy for drinking.

Role of UV Water Purifier

The UV water purifier is somehow similar in terms of the power supply requirement. You will require electricity to run the UV water purifier. But the process is quite diverse here than RO purifiers.

Here, the tap water is not given a boost as the regular pressure is fine for the purifiers. All the harmful bacteria or infections present in the water require a harsh treatment, and UV Water purifiers kill them all.

People of today want to remain fresh and free from bacteria intake through any modes. Not only water or food, but people are also buying the best air purifiers in India to keep the air clean from harmful bacteria. This shows the sense of people living free from all types of bacteria and chemicals not only in water but also in the air.

The UV Water purifier is considered the most cost-efficient solution for availing clean water to drink. There is no chance of any taste change in the water after UV purification, and that is what makes it an ideal option for consuming clean water.

Moreover, you will also see no color change of water due to UV purification. Along with that, there are many top-notch features available in these purifiers that makes it highly preferable.

The UV Water purifiers are compact and are easy to store or place anywhere around the house. The process of purification involves the penetration of harmful pathogens present in the water and eliminate them all. The UV rays also eradicate the micro-organisms that suppress the chance of reproduction in the water, making it safe for drinking.

There is an endless list of top-notch UV water purifiers available over the online and offline market. But you need to know the strong points of each one of them to help yourself find the best quality product. Check out the technical specifications of the UV water purifier that you have chosen for purchase and note down all of its efficacy.

One thing you need to keep in mind that the UV water purifiers can only be used if the TDS level of the water is less than 500. If it is beyond that, then you need to switch to a better alternative for drinking pure and clean water such as RO purifier.

Role of UF Water Purifier

UF or Ultra Filtration Water Purifier has a strong-end technology for eliminating superior water impurities. The best part of this high-end water purifier is that it does not need electricity to operate.

Even without that, the UF water purifier’s efficiency states its capability of eliminating all types of germs, microorganisms, infections, and others with 99.99% purity assurance.

There are certain limitations in the UV Water purifier, the Ultra Filtration water purifier not only kills the bacteria but also removes the dead germs to keep it thoroughly clean. The tap water pressure is enough to run the UF water purifier, and no additional electricity is required to boost it. You can now get rid of the dissolved solids present in the water with the help of UF water purifiers.

The UF Water Purifier is not highly efficient in handling the TDS waters. Therefore, it is clearly mentioned in the specifications as well. If the water TDS level is high in the water supplied to your house, then it is better if you go for other options. This is a cost-effective water purifier solution and can handle the water with less TDS rating.

People consider cost-effectiveness while buying almost all appliances other than just water purifiers as they want quality at a low price.

For instance, people looking for the best refrigerator brand in India will also consider the cost of it before finalizing the purchase.

The process of filtration here is done using the membrane filtration technique that implements the use of hydrostatic pressure. You need to emphasize cleaning the UF filters once in a week as it does not use electricity for self-cleaning of the entire tank and purification assets. The membranes here have larger pores for absorbing the water infections, germs, and bacteria more efficiently over RO and UV filters.

But this is the sole cause of not being able to remove the TDS factor of water. There is no use of UV radiation at all for purifying water in this filtration process.


These are a few of the impactful differences between RO, UV & UF Water Purifiers. You need to understand that there are loads of options available in the market, and you need to choose the best according to your locality water supply and your family needs. If the water TDS level is high in your locality, then you can go for RO or UV Purifiers, but if you have no such TDS level issue, then UF Water purifier is a cheaper option for you.



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