The Pvc strip curtains are one of the most useful and necessary products nowadays. They are perfect for commercial and non-commercial places. They can be installed on the doors and windows for an ideal use. The strip doors are available in different colors and thickness that can be chosen as per the place where they are required. 

If you are willing to use it in the cold storage areas then the green or blue ones are highly preferred. In hospitals, clinics and pharmacies the transparent and blue strip doors that are plain or ribbed ones are used. In hotels and restaurants the bright red, orange and yellow ones are used. Different colors are eligible for different purposes such as the red ones for danger. 

pvc strip curtains

There are a number of benefits of PVC strip curtains. They can be easily installed at doors and windows repelling the smoke, dust, fumes, winter cold, summer heat and insects to enter inside. They maintain coolness and freshness in the surrounding. 

The strip doors retain heat and improve workplace safety. If you want a separate department but can’t make walls or doors due to lack of space then you can choose the vinyl strip doors and install them wherever required. Installing the strips is an easy task but you also need to consider certain factors before selecting the right strip doors.

Temperature of the Place

The first and most important factor to consider is the temperature of the place. If you are working in a hot and humid temperature then you should opt for cool colors such as mint green or blue that will maintain coolness in the surrounding. When you install them at the windows and doors they make a barrier for insects and dust that helps to keep the environment hygienic. It restricts the sun rays and heat from entering the place. Different variants of these plastic curtains are available and you can choose them depending upon the humidity of the place.

The Right Color

Another thing that you need to choose the appropriate color according to the place. In chemical industries and hazardous places the red and orange strip doors are more preferable. The transparent tint blue and neutral clear are used in clinics and pharmacy areas that maintains the temperature of the place and saves the medicines from destroying. In cold storage areas the perishable items and the food is saved from sunlight by opting for the aqua blue or mint green pvc strip curtains. You can see the transparent double ribbed strips at malls and airports. 

Size of the Door and Window

The curtains can be installed as per the required length and width. You just need to cut them in the adequate length and screw them at the wall or mount them at the hanger. You can use as many strips as needed depending upon the width of the doors and windows. A minimum of five to seven strips are required to cover the regular sized doors and windows. If you are installing it at different places then cut the required number of strips and install them on the metallic handles and rings and use it effectively. 

Application Areas

These transparent strip doors are perfect for commercial and non-commercial places. Either it’s your garage, gym, clinic or restaurant you can install them at the eligible place. To reduce the noise and to provide safety to the workers you can use the transparent curtains. They are commonly applied at the kitchen area and dairy industry freeze zones for maintaining hygiene and temperature. They are used to control traffic at certain places such as airports and malls and are even used as a barrier at a number of places.   

Flammability and Maintenance

These polyvinyl curtains can catch fire and may also damage with extreme heat. So you need to make sure that you install it at a safe and convenient place. The best thing is to use a curtain that is made from high quality materials that does not tear or damage easily. But along with choosing the right one you also need to maintain it. You can clean them with the help of a dry cloth or if they are dirtier than you can use a wet cloth to clean them properly. You can maintain the cleanliness by soaking them in soap water and cleaning them more effectively.

The Cost Factor

PVC strip curtains or doors are available in different ranges and variants. They are cost-friendly and their cost differs depending on the thickness of the product. You need to determine the right cost as per the quality of the curtains. The worth of paying for the product is it’s durability. When you are selecting the strips make sure that they are thick enough for the place where you are going to install them. You have the option to get it from online stores and even offline stores whichever is more convenient to you. 

So before selecting the strip doors do consider the factors mentioned above so that you can make the right decision. 

The curtains and strip doors improve the safety of the place and determine an easy application. They allow the natural light to pass through and restricts air-pollutants and heat to enter inside. The curtains are made from special material that is transparent and thick having the ability to control light, noise and everything at its best.

The strips are soft and smooth that does not hurt when you touch it. They are found in different mm that is preferred as per the heat and light entering the place. Different variants are used at different places and can be rolled up if you want to open the door or window. 

They are easy to install and manage. You just need to cut it in the required length and hang it at the places. You can easily make sections and departments in the places with the help of these strips. The workers in the industries and factories can get some privacy and comfort as well while working.


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