things you should know before buying an air cooler

Long before the summer’s approach, we plan our trips and vacations to beat the heat and resort to the mountains’ cool chilly winds. We also know that we have to come back to the scorching heat of the blazing sun and go back to work or schools. Investing in an effective air cooler is definitely a must to survive the unbearable summers. Air coolers are efficient, pocket-friendly, environmentally friendly, and do not burn a hole in your electricity bills.

Below are some tips mentioned for you to consider before buying the best air cooler in India

Power Consumption

When buying a new cooling device, it is important to check the amount of power consumed by the device. Air coolers consume between 0.1 units to 0.12 in an hour equivalent to the room size. Whereas, a 1-ton air conditioner would consume 0.8 units to 1.2 – 1.3 units in an hour equivalent to the room size. The material used to make the cooler and the cooling pads are the major factors contributing to its efficiency. Honeycomb pattern cooling pads are 85% efficient and combined with a galvanized steel body for protection.

Various Temperatures

Air coolers do not use external coolants such as CFC, HCFC, which makes them eco-friendly. Hot and dry climates are where air coolers work most effectively by evaporating the water and cooling the air. The natural air outside cannot be controlled and can be very humid at times, which can affect the cooling process. Some of the best air coolers in India now come with a ‘Humidity Control’ option to give you maximum benefit in humid climates. Some of the best air conditioners in India come with this feature but are not pocket friendly.

Air Displacement

The size of the room in which the air cooler will be placed is of utmost priority while purchasing an air cooler. To do so, you will need to use the cubic feet per minute unit to calculate the airflow. The best air coolers now come with an air displacement in cubic meters/hour to help you select the right device for your room. Measure the size of the room and calculate it with the CFM provided to you. Be sure to have a high CFM as this guarantees a proper flow of air in the room.


Air coolers are seasonal, and their maintenance is completely in our hands. To prevent dirt, rust mildew, and mold, it is advised to clean the cooler with a damp cloth periodically. Be sure to drain out the tank and disconnect the water line and use the only-fan option to dry out the device completely. Cover the cooler from all sides and store it in a dry space. Be sure not to store heavy items above the cooler to avoid any physical damage. The storage period can be longer; therefore, once a month, clean out the dust and change the covering of the cooler.

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Indoor-Outdoor Application

When planning an outdoor event, some of the best air conditioners in India cannot beat the power of air coolers. Air coolers can be used as a fan without adding water to the device, especially in humid climates. For indoor activities, the humidity level must be below 60% for air coolers to produce their best work. Air coolers can also be used in warehouses and loading areas for cooling purposes as they evaporate the moisture from the air. In humid regions, air coolers can be used in outdoor spaces such as pool sides, docks, or garages.


Air coolers are the most efficient and effective in areas with dry and hot air. The right size of the air cooler also makes a dramatic effect on the cooling of your room. If you choose an air cooler smaller than the size of your room, it will pull more electricity, causing you to pay double on your electricity bills. Since air coolers are cost-effective, it is important to maintain and service them as they can last you for many years to come. It can be a one-time investment for you and is very multi-functional in all spaces.

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