The washing machine has become an important household device that saves a lot of our time. The price range of washing machine ranges from somewhere around Rs.5000 to Rs.25000. The cost of washing machine varies with its capacity, i.e., the volume of clothes that can be loaded into the washing machine at once. Apart from this, washing machines can also be differentiated based on different nature like top-load washing machine or front-load washing machine.

Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

Here are a few measures you can take to increase the life of your washing machine.

1. Empty your pockets

Whatever is the capacity or the type of washing machine you own? You must remove any contents left in your clothes’ pocket. This is because even the smallest coin can sometimes damage the inner drum of the washing machine. Also, other contents can enter into the drain line through the holes in the drum. This can cause blocks in the drain line. Hence this is considered to be one of the golden rules in the maintenance of a washing machine.

2. Overloading

Know the capacity of your washing machine well before loading it with clothes. When you purchase a washing machine, ask for the load limit. Do not try to dump in clothes beyond the capacity. Overloading washing machines is dangerous as it can damage the internal contents and cause the machine to go under repair conditions. If you find there are a lot of clothes left unwashed, split them up into two for washing. There are several best washing machine brands in India with various capacities. Depending on the number of clothes that you wash, pick the one that best suits your needs.

3. Appropriate quantity of detergents

One thing that people need to remember is that the quantity of detergent you add is not directly equal to the cleanliness of the clothes washed. Hence avoid overloading the detergent space with so much powder. The excess quantity of detergent added gets settled in the tiny spaces of the washing machine. It also promotes the growth of mildew. Hence just add the right amount of detergent for your clothes. Refer to the detergent manufacturer, to find the amount of detergent to be added per kilogram of clothes.

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4. Leveling is important

Washing machine unlike other devices like a fridge is not static. During the vigorous washing process, it shakes and moves. If your washing machine is not placed flat with the level of the floor, then there you washing machine is under high risk of getting damaged. The best washing machine brands in India have a provision near the foot to adjust the front and back of the machine. This makes sure your washing machine is just flat. If your washing machine is not leveled, in certain cases there are chances that your floor might also get damaged. Hence ensure leveling of your washing machine when it is installed and also from time to time.

5. Wash full loads

Washing full loads make sure your machine functions efficiently. Washing using very less quantity of clothes but washing frequently increases the wear and tear of the machine. Hence remember to wash in full loads. Apart from the wear and tear, washing in full loads also helps you cut down on water and electricity bills. Make sure you run the machine with exactly the right amount of clothes. Overloading or very fewer clothes can cause damage to the machine.

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There are also several myths related to washing machines. For example, a few people wrote that using a specific brand of detergent damages the machine. Although, there is very less evidence to prove this. Clean the washing machine regularly. You can add baking soda and white vinegar and run the washing machine on empty load to clean it.

However, the advanced washing machine models come with auto clean options which you can make use of. Clean the lint filter of the washing machine once in a while. This makes sure your washing machine is functioning with full efficiency. If not after every wash at least once in a few days clean the lint filter of your washing machine.

While making a purchase, make sure you purchase only the best quality products. Just like washing machines, microwave ovens are fast becoming essential. Look out to purchase the best microwave in India to reduce your workload on household activities.

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