Nowadays, washing machines have become a vital part of our day-to-day life and are an essential appliance in most households. But there always comes up a debate regarding who reigns the market more, whether it is the top load washing machine or the front load washing machine. Asking around, you might end up with many steered up conclusions.

Front Load vs. Top Load Washing Machines

In the beginning, top load washing machines were ruling the market, while it changed by the turn of the century, giving much popularity to the front load machine. However, during the late 2000s, both of them gained much importance, and the race steered up. So if you are about to choose one of the best washing machines in India, then you might have ended up doubting which of them to get. And it is very important to know and have an informed decision as a wrong washing machine can have a bad impact on your daily life, making your cloth washing miserable.

So this article takes you through a few comparisons of both the washing machines, thereby making you at ease while choosing your best washing machine.

Top load washing machines are easier to use and use less time

If you are a person with a joint problem or find it difficult to bend over to load and unload clothes, then top load washing machines would be a great choice. However, in the case of front loaders, this issue can be resolved by installing it at a 15″ pedestals lifting them to a comfortable height. Apart from this, top loaders give you a convenient option where you can add clothes right after starting the cycles and collect lint and disperse fabric softeners much better compared to the front loaders. And it also takes up less time with a faster cycle speed.

Top load washing machines are less expensive

Compared to front load washing machines, these are cheaper, becoming an ideal option for small apartments and short-term living options, thereby providing excellent value on homeowners on the budget.

Front-load washing machines clean better

These washing machines always tend to have a gentle touch on the clothes making it more favourable than the top load ones. They are also great at cleaning hard-to-remove stains from the clothes. It is also seen that top loaders have it difficult in cleaning large items such as pillows as they float on the surface and can’t be immersed completely.

Front-loaders are much water and energy-efficient

While the initial cost of front load washing machines seems to be higher than their top-load counterparts, they save it for you concerning water, energy, and detergents. When 40 gallons of water is used by top loaders for a single wash, the front loaders just use one-third of water, energy, and detergents.

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Top loaders need less maintenance

The biggest concern with the front load washing machines is that it forms up a bad odour and formation of mold over the door’s rubber. This is not the case with the top loaders as it works mainly on the gravity principle pulling down water. Hence it needs less maintenance compared to the front loaders.

Front-load washing machines are easy to install

The top load washing machines must be placed with the dryer side-by-side, whereas for the front load, it can be stacked on top of a dryer saving up more space. Apart from this, the water, gas, and electrical connections will be the same for both of the machines.

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Top load washers have a higher life expectancy

With all the extra functionalities and optional wash cycles, the front load washing machines are more prone to higher repair costs than the top loaders. The average life span of top loaders is mostly up to 14 years, which might vary according to the usage.

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Front-load washing machines are more noise-less

During the spin cycles, the front load washers are found to be more silent than compared to the top loaders. They come up with a feature of vibration management wherever the inner drum may be stabilised, avoiding the rattle sound that kept you awake in case of top loaders.

More luxury cycles in front load washing machines

Some additional features like steaming, self-cleaning cycle, reversible washer doors, etc. and built-ins can be seen in today’s front load washing machines making it more reliable for its users. Thereby they have a higher spin cycle compared to its top-loader counterparts.

Winding-up with this, whether to choose a top loader washing machine or front loader washing machines, lies entirely on one’s requirements and the space for your laundry machine. Taking into consideration, I would personally prefer the front-load washing machine as it saves up more water and energy in washing the clothes and makes them more cleaner without any wear and tear.

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