Thinking of using commercial floor mats in your business area? The right ones can reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity as well as increase safety. You can choose from the following types of mats to keep on floors, to ensure comfort and safety in your work area.

Types of Commercial Floor Mats Available

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats can put your workers’ backs and legs at ease. These are particularly useful for hosts/hostesses, cashiers, and industrial workers, who have to stand for a long time. Some of these can be bought as per linear foot. You can have these cut to just as long as you want, making them suitable for long queues. The market abounds in such mats in varied finishes and sizes, to match any type of décor. 

You can even get anti-fatigue mats that are grease-proof, and perfect for dish room, bar, or kitchen spaces. Many of these have the same kind of extra cushioning as can be expected from comfort mats.

anti fatigue mats

Wet Area Mats

Wet area floor mats can offer excellent traction in wet areas – such as in bar, kitchen or dish room. These are anti-slip in form, and are perfect for keeping employees and customers safe in slippery areas. Even in chemical factories or automobile sectors to avoid accidents due to liquids, oil and grease it is best suitable. You can find ones that come with drainage holes and/or perfect water-resistance, which makes them ideal for use in settings that are exposed to moisture. Mats that lack solid drainage capabilities take more time to dry. Upon exposure to water, these also tend to wear out more quickly.

Grease-Resistant Mats

Not all wet area mats happen to be grease-resistant in form. You have to think about the amount of grease that needs to be cleaned up every day at your place of business – whether it is:

  • Restaurant
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Dish room
  • Eatery
  • Snack shack

Grease Resistant Mats

Very heavy-duty in construction, these can withstand grease without any compromise on the slip-resistance front. These floor mats do not break down that fast, thus allowing you to save on expenses. If you do not use a grease-resistant mat in areas that need them, you have to replace mats more often due to a lack of solid grip. For areas with human and traffic movements such as car porches, it is used for comfort, aesthetics, and styles. 

Customizable Mats

Custom door floor mats are available in many vibrant colors and varied sizes. Mats can be ordered to come with the logo of your restaurant, the mascot of your team, insignia of your college, the logo of your brand, etc. These types of mats come with beveled edges, which can allow easy access to a wheelchair. There are anti-slip backs, which can ensure that everything can stay put where they are. If you want to promote your business, you can use such types of mats. 

Industrial and Specialty Mats

These are available in varied types, to match the needs of every customer. Such kinds of mats can be used beyond areas of hospitality and kitchens. It  can provide your business with superior performance. You can use these for:

  • Weight rooms
  • High voltage areas, such as places with heavy machinery, fuse boxes, and control panels
  • Pools
  • Locker rooms

Scraper Mats

These types of floor mats are known to help clean debris and dirt from shoes aggressively. These are best to be used in the outdoor environment and are very resilient to changes in weather and temperature. These are very useful for accumulating and retaining moisture. Despite this extra advantage, Scraper mats are still used along with Wiper Mats for ensuring the utmost safety and contaminant control.


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