Any house is incomplete without correct lighting. No matter how beautiful you decorate, if the light isn’t right it won’t look half as classy or elegant. There are various types of lighting available nowadays, for instance, chandeliers, wall-mounted, vanity lights, etc. They all have the power to project the kind of light you want to highlight in your house. 

Indoor Lighting

However, these lights are very different from each other in terms of functions and styles. More than just having a pleasing appearance they are very suitable for modern day energy needs. While choosing the correct lighting for your house, you need to consider what portion of the house you need to be illuminated by it? Often the answer to what kind of lighting you are looking for lies in the question. So, take some time to think a little, and below are lighting types given in brief for you to choose one. 

Types of Lighting to Glow up your House

Indoor Lighting

General interior lightings are used to light up the whole house. They offer a uniform level of illumination throughout the house. These types of lights came in various forms such as ceiling-mounted fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, chandelier, track lights, traditional recessed fixtures, and lamps. They light up the whole interior at once and give a lean aesthetic appeal to your room.

All these lights are very varied from themselves but serve one common purpose. These lights bounce off the walls to illuminate as much space as possible. An added benefit of these types of lights is that they are safe and easy to use.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting is very necessary to install in order to ensure visibility and increase security around a building. It is also very crucial to light up the exterior as it helps in illuminating the entrances and stairs of the building.

A properly lit up entrance helps in reducing and perhaps removing the risk of injury that can occur while entering and exiting the building. You can light up the outdoors in various ways depending on your theme. It can vary from accent to ambient. It helps in identifying the areas at the front, sides, and back of the property.

There are various types of fixtures that can provide ambient outdoor lighting. You can also have various kinds of fixtures in various places, for instance hanging fixtures, spotlights, garage and canopy lighting, wall lighting, post lanterns, and the recessed fixtures used in overhanging structures.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to illuminate any particular task such as cooking, reading, etc. to be able to focus on these sorts of works you need to have brighter lights focusing on smaller focal points. Use beautiful and soft lights if you are going for a pleasant and aesthetic look.

You should avoid using harsh lights because they tend to cast troublesome shadows. Task lights are extremely useful to use as they help in lighting particular spots in the entire house. Some of the fixtures that provide task lighting are pendant lighting, slimline bars, under cabinets, desk lamps, etc.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is mainly used for accomplishing a particular type of the desired effect. By using accent lighting in any room, you will get the illusion of the room being better than it is. Accent lighting is particularly used in highlighting an architectural feature, a sculpture, or a collection of objects.

There are various types of fixtures that provide accent lighting, some of the fixtures are wall-mounted fixtures, slim bar, under cabinet, track lights, or directional recessed fixtures or downlights.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed types of lighting offer subtle yet focal lighting in the house. Recessed lightings are dimmer and softer making their ambiance beautiful. The most advantageous benefit of recessed lighting is that it can be adjusted and tilted according to your requirement. One more added benefit of recessed lighting is you don’t have to take out previous fixtures, but you can install these in various ways for your artwork.



Chandeliers have been used as a way of lighting from ancient ages. They never lost their charm and are consistent in décor. They can make their entire looks appealing. Chandeliers are perfect for those people who love to decorate their house with aesthetic lighting. Pure crystal chandeliers emanate luxury, beauty, and magnificence.

Chandeliers that are decorated with finely cut, stunning crystals accentuate a sense of richness and also work effectively in maximizing the illumination through reflection. There are various types of chandeliers available in the market; you can choose one according to your theme that is also suited for your budget.

Unique lights

As technology advances, so does the shape and design of the lights. There are all kinds of shapes available in the market. These lights are uniquely designed to suit the taste of your theme and décor. These lights are very aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.


Spotlights are tiny circular bulbs that you install on the staircase, furniture, ceilings, and cabinets. They only illuminate a particular area. They look very amazing with wooden furniture, and at night they seem like they resemble the twinkling stars.  

Tech Lighting

Those lighting where utility meets aesthetics are called tech lighting. They are custom made so unique for everyone. They are very pleasant to the eyes and are very beautiful. They will be a very brilliant addition to your house.

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