What is Asthma & How Does It Trigger? An Ultimate Guide

Asthma is a lung disease that causes great discomfort to a lot of people. It causes breathing issues or chest tightness which may lead to wheezing. Various factors can lead to asthma, such as genetics, environment, or occupation. But one of the factors that can easily be controlled or avoided is the environment.

A healthy environment, with clean air can do wonders when it comes to a healthy life, and it can also play a significant role in avoiding or suppressing asthma. Whenever you breathe, the air around you contain allergens that attach to your lungs. The nose does have its own filtration mechanism, but it still cannot filter the particles which are not visible or big enough. These can easily reach the lungs and affect the respiration process of the body.

Our lungs are designed to expand and contract while inhaling and exhaling all the while removing unwanted air. Asthma symptoms are directly caused by these dust or other allergen particles affecting your ability to expand and contract.

Asthma Triggers You Should Be Aware Of

As we move forward, let’s look at the triggers that you may not have identified in the first place and could be the cause of your recent asthma attack. In the air around us we have pollen, mold, or some other allergens that we cannot see from our eyes.

Sometimes an allergy is often responsible for triggering an otherwise dormant lung disease. Similarly, being exposed to an irritant of some kind for a long period can also serve as an asthma trigger at some point.

Here is a list of potential triggers that may exist around you in your daily routine

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Pollens
  • Smog
  • Pets
  • Cockroach allergen
  • Smoke from burning wood or plastic

There are plenty of other triggers that exist in our surrounding environment just like few of those listed above.

By now you must have realized that the triggering agents are also a part of our indoor environment. In this situation, wouldn’t it be great to have a solution with you that you can carry around in your home as well as your workplace. You might have guessed it by now, air disinfectant purifiers might be the key to your problem.

What Makes an Air Purifier Effective for Asthma?

Air disinfection purifiers are the product of modern, eco-friendly technology that has been introduced as the solution to our modern-day problems of indoor pollution.

An air disinfection purifier uses the latest innovations to filter and clean the air we breathe in and out. Asthma is a lung disease that directly impacts the lungs and so do the indoor contaminants in the air around us.

An air purifier is expected to remove microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses, particles such as pollen or dust, pet hair, etc. Your recent asthma attack could be the result of any of these factors, or even make you more vulnerable to it.

An air purifier can be kept in the room you spend most of your time, or the room you keep your pets in. You can also carry it to your office due to its portability.

5 Ways How Air Purifiers Can Help to Relieve from Asthma Symptoms

Air purifiers are working with promising results against indoor pollution and easily removing and destroying the harmful contaminants in the air. Let us now have a look at how it may relieve you from your asthma symptoms:

  1. An air purifier has the potential to rid the air of any visible particles such as dust, pollen, or pet fur. 
  2. It can remove micro-organisms as small as 125 nm (depending on the model and filter of your air purifier).
  3. They continuously maintain the air around you clean to inhale and breathe in.
  4. The air purifier can be carried around the home from room to room or be mounted on a wall in a fixed place.   
  5. Air purifiers also can clean the particles not just suspended but also those lying on the surfaces.

It is important to note here that the impact an air purifier will have on the severity of your disease relies on the size and type of filter you use.


Asthma is a disease that has a direct effect on your health as it impacts one of the most important organs of your body that is your lungs. It can cause coughing, difficulty in breathing, wheezing and can further lead to flu as well. A healthy body requires that you inhale fresh and clean air.

An air disinfectant purifier comes in a variety of sizes and filter types. The filter might be HEPA, washable, disposable or (OH) Hydroxyl based. It can be portable or to be mounted on the wall.

Regardless of its type, the functionality is the same. It will allow you to breathe in clean and neat air that will benefit your body and will help you take one step forward to your goal of living a healthy life.


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