Homes fires can be quite dangerous. The damage from a home fire can effectively ruin your house as well as cause emotional damage. If you are not aware or careful about fire hazards, your house could be eaten up by fires in under 4 minutes.  

A home fire can reach ridiculous temperatures causing things to melt and thus create a toxic environment. This is dangerous for senior citizens as well as people with breathing ailments. If your house isn’t protected against fire hazards, you can be in a big danger.

Ways to Protect Your Home From Fire Damage

If such an incident happens while you are asleep, you might not even get a chance to escape. In the US alone, 80% of civilian lives are attributed to deadly home fires.

If you want to protect yourself and your beloved ones, below are 7 great ways to protect your home from fire damage.

7 Ways to Protect your Home from Fire Damage

1. Fire sources must be kept isolated

It is a common practice and pretty much common sense not to leave your fire source unattended. Moreover, these sources of fire must be isolated or at least kept four to five feet apart. 

This will help in stopping the fire from spreading rapidly and might give you some time to extinguish it. It might even help in stopping the fire from actually growing, thereby self-extinguishing itself. Fire needs fuel to continue burning; always make sure you don’t accidentally provide it by recklessly placing things. 

2. Ensure your cooking stove is secure

The kitchen is very commonplace for fires to start. Reckless behavior can lead to deadly results. Whether you use an electric cooker or gas stove, ensure you stay there when you cook. Leaving things unattended can be quite dangerous.  

Children, too, need to be taught not to play around with fire hazards in the kitchen. Accidentally turning on the gas stove is a deadly mistake. One good way to ensure safety is to close the main supply of gas after you are done cooking.  

3. Use a trustworthy fire detection system

A fire detection system is responsible for saving hundreds if not thousands of lives each year. A good fire detection system will not only make everyone aware of dangerous fires but will also help in extinguishing them.

In an enclosed space, such as escape rooms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers are provided to help deal with fires. For your house, you should ensure you have a fire extinguisher or a working sprinkler system.

Defective or non-functional smoke detectors can cause the sprinkler system to not go off due to fires. Smokers have a habit of turning of their smoke detectors. This is an incredibly dangerous practice. Make sure you have sprinklers connected to your smoke detector properly as well. 

4. Don’t keep flammable materials close to open fire sources

One of the important causes for concern in many home fires is the placement of flammable objects. Keeping firewood, papers, flammable sprays, and other such objects close to a fire source is dangerous.

Make sure to try to keep all our flammable objects far away from open sources of fires. Fire can also arise out of short circuits. So, try to keep all metal objects and water-based things away from open electrical appliances and sockets.

5. Put out your candles, cigarettes, and other fires properly

A lot of fires start from small. Candles and cigarettes have been a constant source of fire hazards in-home fire cases. It is necessary to ensure that you extinguish these fires before they can cause any harm. Proper disposal of lit cigarette butts and candles will ensure protection from fire damage

6. Ensure your home is properly wired

one of the biggest reasons for home fires is an electrical short circuit. Improper wiring can really cause a good deal of damage to your property. Electrical fires cannot be extinguished by water and can be highly dangerous. It is important to ensure that such things do not happen.

One prominent way to do so is to keep your house wiring up to date. Outdated and ragged wires can cause fires, whereas using heavy appliances without consultation can also overload your wires. Ensure you have trusted and secure wires around your home to prevent any sort of electrical outburst.

7. Maintain your electronics such as heaters

Space heaters and other such appliances are dangerous for two main reasons. The first reason is that they are capable of starting fires. The second reason is that they are capable of catching fire themselves.  

Not only that, if there’s already a fire, a space heater might fuel the fire by allowing it to spread faster. Always ensure you maintain your electronic items nicely and switch them off when not in use. 


Fire can cause a great deal of damage. It can cause emotional and physical scars on people around you. All your memories in the house are susceptible to such fires. Always remember to exercise caution and reduce the risk of fire. Follow these seven great ways to ensure your home is protected against fire damage.


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