Using solar tiles for producing electricity in your house is very advantageous and an eco-friendly way. Moreover, they are a cost-effective solution as opposed to your traditional electricity source. 

Solar tiles have seen quite a rise in the last few years, but are they suitable for your house? Will installing solar tiles in your house a good idea?

Like every product, solar tiles also have certain disadvantages. However, whether these disadvantages are significant enough to not get them installed is a matter to be determined. To know whether solar tiles are a good option for your house, you need to know everything about them.

What Are Solar Tiles?

Solar tiles are mini solar panels that you can add to a new roof structure. These are placed on your roofs in place of traditional solar panels. The best thing about solar tiles is that they blend easily with your roof. Moreover, they are made from monocrystalline solar cells or thin Photovoltaic film.

Even though solar tiles are costlier than solar panels, most people favor them since they are government-approved. However, they are not as efficient as solar panels, but they do the job well. Since they can be derived from government schemes, the payback period for these tiles is reduced.

Solar tiles were earlier available at a high price; however, they have very competitive pricing due to their increasing demand. From being a premium product, they have currently become an alternative product for people who cannot afford solar panels.

How Does Solar Tiles Work?

The operation of solar tiles is similar to that of photovoltaic panels; however, the difference lies only in how they are assembled. Solar tiles are used from the initial construction stages and used to make the whole roof in place of standard tiles. This is different from photovoltaic panels in the way that they are attached to existing tiles.

These tiles are constructed of photovoltaic cells that give rise to an electric field when sunlight hits. This electric field is capable of produce electricity for the whole house. Each of these tiles is connected to the power distribution board using cables.

It is better if an inverter is installed in the house or building for the better effectiveness of the tiles. Due to the inverter’s presence, the energy that is captured in the tiles can be successfully turned into electricity.

If the user cannot install an inverter, they could also opt for a solar diverter. However, an electrical repair professional would better advise the best option. The amount of sunlight that the tiles are exposed to, will determine the energy quantity that is being collected.

On a sunny day, the tiles will collect more energy, whereas, on cloudy days, it will be less. Make sure that the tiles are clean at all times so that they can work efficiently. Dirty tiles are less energy-efficient as opposed to completely clean tiles.

You can also plan your tiles in such a manner that they are placed next to one another and not overlapped. This ensures that there are no shadow areas that would fail to collect sunlight.

Advantages of Using Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are mostly like normal tiles, except they are built to collect energy from sunlight. This means you do not have to put another layer of solar panels on top of them. They will add to the décor of your whole house and not look out of place. However, they function just like solar panels, so you get free and clean energy.

Using solar tiles, you can save a lot of money on electricity at a cost-effective rate. This is because they are available at a very low price, mostly under government schemes. Another great thing about solar tiles is that they have higher durability than solar panels. If solar panels can last for 40 years, solar tiles will last as long as your house is standing.

The installation process of solar tiles is very easy and can be done by the best electrician Minneapolis. They help in enhancing solar efficiency and also reduce wasted space on roofs. You can also find various tile styles to fit individual roof structures.

Limitations of Using Solar Tiles

One of the biggest limitations of solar tiles is that they cannot be installed on any existing roof. You can only use them in new houses or old houses where all the tiles can be replaced. Moreover, they are not as easy to accommodate as solar panels. The roof needs to be angled and pitched in a specific manner to use solar tiles.

Summing Up

The advantages of solar tiles exceed their limitations which makes them a suitable option for most homes. To know if solar tiles are a good option for your house, you can contact the best electrician Minneapolis. For installing solar tiles, you can contact any electrical repair professional from trusted service providers.


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